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Thoughts Volume XV: Life 101

Here is a rather simple lesson plan based on discovery and loss
Soulful vessels struggling to see through any fog
Looking for anyone to assist when our road meets a cross
Frozen over these moments in time put in pause
Ripping apart actions and there reaction like gifts from Mr. Clause 5
Striving to grasp and understand Mother Nature’s law
Why regardless how may now move, it all started with a crawl
Small personal accomplishments we all place on a wall
Trophies loved ones used to tell us how we’ve done so well
Awards which loss value the second after we’ve failed 10
Providing little to no support after we heal
On the path way to recover lost dreams that were killed off
The ones that’ve been there longer than the person we sleep with
Lifelong aspirations, flipped with a twist
Winning, then losing in a real life game of chess 15
Left with a mountain of thoughts waiting to get off your chest
Like would things be so different if we were at our best
Or was this just a misunderstood sign of the blessed
Avoiding that which never lives up to any test
Revelations found when you’ve given your all till nothing left 20
Different techniques used to make it through these twelve steps
An answer for those endless days and nights of stress
Unveiling this introspection gift found from within the mess of life
Pain felt sorting through unresolved thoughts
Pressing pause now to expose parts which’ve always seemed a bit off 25
A map helping when it feels you’re still young and lost
When it’s normal to ignore these heavy thoughts and their cost
Relying on small things to build a new firm structure to trust
Something tolerable to any eventual rust
As good times pass by in what always seems like a rush 30
While these bad ones remain like a case of uncontrolled lust
Why happiness feels as if it’s more like moments of luck
Where reality is when it finally hits you, you’re forever stuck
Helplessly knowing for all you try, you’ll forever be stuck
Prisoner to an unnatural desire to give it all up 35
Staring aimlessly, passengers on a hell bound bus
Unable to comprehend what all of this means to us
Ignoring the filling, focused more on just the crust
Loving the image, ignoring each stroke from this brush
Facts which give off a false bravado, this here is tough 40
Crippled, still unable to cling to a crutch
Awaking to remorse that’ll act as todays lunch
Emotions of pain which’ll leave a spike in any punch
Recovering from a night that requires your stomach be pumped
Hung-over in life 101, focused on only the bullet points 45

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Thoughts: Checkmate

How much can one mind take; endless questions of faith in mankind
Held down by this disease the body can barely shake
Prisoner to these ideals; witness to how our new world’s taken shape
How it’s expected, we’re to act like we don’t see all this hate on our TV screen
Negative thoughts brought forth with no real reason 5
As if to think positive of another is an act of treason
What they’d have us all think, all us criminals think about upon release
Sentiments which burn over time, like anything left to freeze
Byproduct of an inability to merely agree on what it is to be free
Spectator to another play, all based off another’s greed for more 10
Well aware things are far from even if we actually kept score
An observation of, ‘these days’ as they continue to head to the fork in the road
Conflict derived from an unwanted marriage, built off something new and old
Anger over what’s long been acknowledged as past due and owed
The exact opposite of what portrayed and showed 15
As if this plight is merely entertainment, a script for a new show
Exploitation which comes across as zero below degrees;
A cold act, an illustration of how we’ve today developed and grown.
The perspective of a free man who remembers; like property we we’re owned
Unwanted anywhere except where we’re meant to be, foreigner in a new town 20
Peasants bought to merely wipe down and clean the crown
Past, present, and future, all same; possibly even more dire than that sounds
On the run for life as society turns a blind eye to its supposed hounds of justice
Innocent or guilty, found in possession of disease that require we all die
At risk as even these very words are typed 25
In a battle for survival, that has little to do with might
Wrong regardless; regardless whether or not you were right in the first place
Told subconsciously, sit with the understanding, first remember our place
A direct translation of the body language written upon every last muted face
Telephone operators who could careless how long you sit to wait 30
Those quick to pick up, seconds after its too late
Only available to talk when this game if chess we call life, is at checkmate

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Thoughts: Hard to Tell

For no matter how far, we know there need be more,
Witness of an injustice that’s become culturally reinforced.
Heavy concepts, the weight of man going through a divorce
Facts of our lives, with no multi-verse or alternative choice,
Left to only resent; denial over the impact of a single voice, (5)
Proclamations how change starts with a single vote,
Guidance to be relied upon but also hope,
Hope left at the mercy of a wise man’s advice;
Those who’ll tell us wrong, just so we can grow
A sign of the times, frozen in place so the snow can melt; (10)
As by then, all these different opinions would have melded,
Tomorrow-land, where all thoughts are one consensus opinions,
Where we have no responsibility  for the mess we’ve made,
As if someone is meant to clean after us like in-house maids.
Servants to deal with the trash, so we can focus on the maze, (15)
A thought deeper than anything else on this page,
Questions and answers, solutions which move at their own pace,
Solutions for what’s been; what stands before us, face to face
As if to merely grasp the difference between real and fake,
The weight of our choices, those regarding our fate or faith, (20)
First require we go back on personal promises;
Past alcoholics who’d risk it all with one drink; the myth,
Unveiled to an audience as nothing more than another trick,
A trained lair, master in the arts of lyrical magic
Such slander, its only natural sane men are driven to madness (25)
Finding oneself so fed up, its way past enough,
An accountant’s bottom line; living amid the honest nest,
Where the next concern is less about what’s next;
As the worst is almost expected,
Instead more curious if human self-respect ever kicks in; (30)
Glimpses into the physics of servitude, slaves all over again,
Stuck here knowing there is no end to this horror
As if we’re at an ‘all you can eat’, asking for more,
More when all that’s sold here is well past its sale by date
Taking apart in debate, rigged to only expose, (35)
Exposing a preconceived image; faces of rage never composed
Father to diseases we neglect to sanitize; simple as boiling water on a stove,
Simple to the disenfranchised that is, the grove of trees;
Used for camp fire, tears sorrow burned to prove their point,
The motive behind each discovery found at the end of a joint; (40)
High enough to face the ascension of evils greatest mountain,
Where it’s possible for any to deduce fact from within fiction,
Where there is no restriction to the distinction of law or order.
Provided the same menus as we place orders, for our futures
Victims both, to the same levels of prosperity and torture; (45)
Spectators both, as a common enemy rapes away our souls
The teacher and student, the administers of pain filled lectures,
Insight meant to enlighten how less is actually more;
Acts of savage, cursed to a war of mind and conscience.
A hypothesis, this is about more than just religious beliefs; (50)
Mans saddest plague, a virus we are all instantly contagious too,
Brain washing done to assist with various parts of a process,
So basic in design, here comes the next child ready to confess.
Told our solutions are not the problem; a mirage in the distance,
Reality from fantasy, simple traits that make the difference; (55)
Differences which resonate with any conscious, free mind;
Two who use to be, because what’s mine isn’t also his.
The petty one, quick claim what’s theirs in the fridge,
Left out, looking inwards; we’re supposedly meant to live
Asking what does it take to forgive in situations like this. (60)
Once described as three-fifths of a man, bartered for business;
Why depending who we ask, it’s so deplorable to hold up our fist,
So mixed up at this point in time,
It’s hard to tell if the transgressions or retaliations came first;
As if that even makes a difference at this point. (65)

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Thoughts Vol. I

What happens as patience and time passes.
Sharing sights seen with gloomy glasses,
Written from a will to compose classic material,
Written with words that can come off as dejected and tragic.
Painting the malicious with only mayhem and havoc;
Driven by emotions genetically attracted to static,
Why each poem written is it’s own risk and reward;
Being set up as the fall guy for the pranksters trick,
Exposing all to mentally distributing germs, sick thoughts;
Where reality can knock us the f@$% out with a brick,
Where agony develops a talent, transforming it into a skill,
Illustrating to this audience, the genesis of this trill,
An ever evolving expose of fake and real,
A never ending battle where neither fails or prevails.
Angels and demons who know no difference between good and evil,
Utilizing experiences felt, to say what’s been revealed.
Sights seen, seen in the eyes of a free will,
A will see through the walls we’ve built;
Forward minded thoughts which instill discipline,
Spoken here to exonerate both, innocent and guilty;
Left here for all to see, a soul and not just flowers, wilt.
Reflections of art, sensual and smooth as any piece of silk,
Cleansed, yet still covered by unavoidable amount of filth,
Trails and tribulations used as a measure real wealth,
A portrait display of one mans gauge on his mental health;
Left with just paper and pen when there’s no one else,
Byproduct of a collection of repetitive thoughts, needed to be released,
Secrets of one life; food for the soul should anyone ever need a meal.