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The Grading Scale of Life

Sit back and appreciate who this was written for,
The woman living off her knees as she’s just another whore
Doing what’s needed to walk proudly through any door
Living with a cold exterior due to years of bare feet pressed against a cold floor
Afraid only when the frail, show despair for what’s in store
Never once, willing to see what seen when she sits here, alone and bored
A female lion who stretch in silence; never letting out her primal roar
Expressing these unique thoughts like it’s a Picasso painting classified as rare
Alive and well, in spite if these ‘brothers & sisters’ genuinely care or not
Alone in this world, as ‘friends’ only prefer to stand there and stare
Why its easiest to turn away, when real life is standing here
Where it’s inconsequential if its truth; life just isn’t fair
Standing behind words, fully clothed; yet now nude and bare
What she finds a most useful source of unfiltered air
Evidence that she’s the only, fully awake and aware
Proof that isn’t the byproduct of ill-advised dare
Introspection which dictates the tone each new testimonial will wear
Frozen in ink, by way of abnormal emotions from past years
The reasoning behind endless nights of empty tears
Hooking on an avenue aimed at tackling yesterday’s mountain of fears
Kids who no longer scared of getting anything pierced
Recognizing these are the words, why there’ll never be world peace
Observant of this destructive cycles which repeats its self.
Explaining loud and clear why it’s pointless asking others for help,
Not with the love from another or with one’s own health
As it’s this strength that defines one’s true wealth
Living life as the bottom of this lyrical well
Freedom from the worry of ending up in either heaven or hell
Instead smiling again in a puddle of blood in spite of having fell
People well-adjusted to these words, ‘you’ve failed’
Here using what God gave you, as a form of spiritual bail
A class above any average grading scale in life

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Gift and Curse

Upon arrival at the gates, this is what they’ll recite and read.
Another who struggled most, to merely believe,
Only sure of scientific facts; all that’s good, is destined to leave.
Details of society; realized best when left to grieve
A lesson that’ll put on its own exhibition of gospel, (5)
Teaching, any pain dealt with leaves a mind free,
Utilizing this same torment as a source of air to breathe,
Relishing these very conflicts, any walk of life is sure to breed.
Stuck in the past; constant evaluations of what classifies as a need,
What we beg for still; silent prayers disguised as pleas, (10)
Insight responsible for how any future news, good or bad, is received,
Unconcerned if any should understand or agree,
Major life events that’ll change you like a vegan who’s given up on meat,
Walking a path with no map, in search of success over defeat;
Told their’s a price to pay, as stated on the receipt, (15)
Unable to afford the alternative; doing all that needed to crack the code,
Those of us who’ve found to much warmth within the depths of cold,
What it means in this generation, to grow old,
All in search of a peace of mind, foretold to make any whole.
A false facade, reminiscent of how entry into the heavens, is a life goal; (20)
Walking through golden gates to fill-in, self-inflicted holes.
That all will change when we see those we still long to hold tight,
Playing the part of any given days, designated roll,
Here with helping hands for the stuck; companions stranded on the road;
Surviving if needed, together, as burdens take a shared toll; (25)
Time served that’ll surely result in us, one day being paroled,
Free from captivity; release from an enemy disguised as a role model,
Byproduct of an abundance of wealth, all from single pebble of intellectual gold.
Built solely off personal scars, no one else can truly know of;
A gift and curse, doing what it does best. (30)

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My Drug (Deeply Regrettable, Unsaintly Gospel)

Take a hit while we work on escaping and exposing any traps,
Avoiding a reality and outlook that’s gone from white to black,
Why these demons feel free to wage war and attack.
Being accused of overeating and it’s just a snack,
Pushed to a point emotions finally snap. (5)
Killing off the stress while it takes its nap.
An afterthought for each and every knife in the back,
Every time things went down without any sense of shock,
When in reality, some needed that extra bit of shock;
A lack of wonder over when this horror show stops. (10)
Victim to what others deem as just a mental block,
Left redefining what beautiful and what’s just hot.
Smoking away pain or is this lost ‘potential’ boiling away in a pot.
Confused from these years watching pots calling kettles black.
An endless conversation that’s gradually gone off topic, (15)
Prescribed pills with an ability to talk for themselves;
Described by physicians as a guide to walk the path
Nose filled with what seems more like broken down chalk
An antidote for madness, those driven to flip out like the hulk
Flipping over forgotten facts, repressed cause they hurt to much (20)
Thoughts, more like a dark stains on a pristine white shirts
Images able to form a perception, a perception less valuable than dirt.
A form of therapy, designed to never work,
Utilizing poor excuses to instill a false sense of personal worth,
A depreciation instead of appreciated for another day on earth; (25)
Fiends, marooned in misery, as if it’s been this way since birth,
And things only get easier, when all contempt in life is burnt away.
In constant anticipation for the next toke or turn,
An escape route to hide from all responsibility to reflect and learn,
Gospel of a failed saint; addicted to watching all regrets, burn away (30)

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Discovery and Journey

Pack light as we set sail on a tale of discovery and journey,
Analyzing specific points of focus, highlighted for all to see,
A theoretical exhibition of how things today, are to be;
Concepts deeper than the phrases, left here for strangers to read,
Lyrics flowing from wherever conscious thoughts, bleed out,
The poetry of words, born from just one seed,
A gift discovered while floating away lost at sea.
Hardened by joy equating to greed,
Words disguising the reasons we’re lead to believe in them,
Remorse for each and every evil deed,
Lugging around burdens the weight of an anvil;
Looking out for drama as it carries a certain appeal,
Spices needed; salt and pepper missing from today’s meal,
Fears of the forgotten; when the promise of tomorrow is killed off,
The very thing behind the purpose of fee will;
What remains and has also been instilled; regardless what’s revealed,
Utilizing pen and paper to steadily rebuild, what has been,
Exporting all parts of self, both the fake and real,
What when younger, only felt weird;
The sophomore in high school with a full beard,
Burdens of the time, resolved with a multitude of cold beers.
An acceptance that no man is supposed to build a home here;
Guided by faulty insight, no one else can clearly hear but me,
Prophesy, seen all across every last TV channel crystal clear;
Militant thoughts, born to be the downfall of our leader;
Misleading the masses, up and down metaphorical ladder,
Techniques to both sink and walk on water,
A manual for dealing with disaster; a tale of discovery and journey.
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Done With Ease

In the ears of strangers, 
These words mean little; 
A personal mission of self-discovery, 
Poetic plastic surgery. 
A realignment of thoughts, 
Flash lights for when lost, 
Change to cover any cost, 
Insight lacked by most, 
Morris code to a civilian; 
Fruit branded forbidden, 
Prescription medication, 10 
Deep inner meditation, 
Manipulation of mind and spirit, 
Ambitions worth the risk, 
Going into cardiac arrest, 
Over what happens next; 15 
Secrets of the treasure chest, 
Games of chess, 
Reasons to confess, 
What it means to be the best; 
Aggression mixed with fineness, 20 
Breaking down the defense, 
Illustrating the difference, 
Of present vs. the past tense; 
Actors who pretend, 
Over the ramifications of sins. 25 
What we all know will happen again, 
A chapter that’s yet to meet it end, 
Making it possible to forget; 
The meaning of self-respect, 
What the next man would die to protect. 30 
Fixing every last mistakes, 
Working over each misstep, 
Cleaning up our own mess, 
Instructing like a professor; 
How to alleviate pressure. 35 
Techniques that’ll last forever, 
Life that could be no better, 
Secrets buried within the treasure, 
Acts based off personal pleasure, 
Till we can’t take any more, 40 
Prepared for the encore, 
Giving you what’s all yours, 
Taking you behind closed doors, 
Adored secrets of the sheets, 
Where mates of the soul meet, 45 
Athletes who love to compete, 
Working till the job is complete, 
Unwilling to accept to defeat, 
The cure to your disease, 
Complex acts of passion, done with ease. 50