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In Honor of Thy Queen

Please appreciate this display of my greatest gifts.
One that has little to do with how I put words together like this;
But a gift none the less, which incites desires of bliss;
Speechless to any genie, as there’s nothing left to wish for
More than contempt, with what the good lord has in store 5
As even the prettiest rose comes with its share of thorns;
With a unique ability to leave your souls purpose reborn
Motivation to now and forever, find a will to perform.
Reminded of life’s purpose, with every sniff of perfume
An act that’s about much more than the bed room 10
Where it is pearl eyes exhibit all that remains, to prove
Propelled to rise to the occasion, weather at work or in the nude
Fully aware an angels heart is all yours to lose
Why the real thing so impossible to refuse
A true honor, blessed upon only a chosen few 15
The helping hand, sent for all it is we go through
Lost in its essence; witness to how it operates with its own rules
Providing repeated clues, which form the glue.
The glue re-explaining things, I always knew
Like how it’s vital to be prepared to be casted the fool 20
Branded next; stubborn as an ox or mule
Simple minded thoughts which’ll soon enough, act as the fuel.
How each sacrifice is then seen as less of a push – pull
Inspired to live life for this which resides in all of us
Tributes impossible without the correct proportions of trust. 25
A written testimony of what a true mate does
A thought; this is the way it was always meant to be
A bond stronger than the human mind is able to conceive or believe
Looking deep within her soul to discover the purpose of freedom
An epiphany, within thy queen lies thy kingdom. 30
Meaning our bright future, is then being held for its own ransom;
As fate now awaits to see if it’ll also be abandoned
The absentee father, born from his broken condom
Tested daily by this, which is far from common
Ensuring there’s a sincere desire to resolve problems, 35
More than prepared to burn both ends of a candle.
Deaf to any advice disguised as a form of terminal cancer
Those who proclaim to own all of our answers
Branded with an ability to foresee another’s disaster
Notions which only insight sites of laughter 40
Speaking as if their eye sight is so much better
Servants who’ve lost sight of their place with master
A presumption what they think or feel, really matters
Big brothers blind to their own whore for a sister
An explanation for something that’s rather sinister 45
Holding others accountable for their own sins
Using these conversations as a way to make amends
Dialogue embedded with the definition of pretense
Why the tone of each line has gradually gotten tenser
Addressing more than the future and the past tense 50
Taking away precious focus, from a topic that’s far from pretend
The establishment of a union that to only us, seems to make sense
Expressions why we stand in the others defense
Pieces of us, encased in our back yard fence
Where we recognize we’re first and foremost, best friends 55
Still choosing the other if we had to do it all over again
The meaning of a union between woman and man
So genuine, it requires no other to understand
The most profound of every last commandment
Looking down at a word like love, as an understatement 60
Levels of commitment, first seen as a state of mind
Prepared to do more than just defend what’s mine
Pushed today to do more than just provide;
An undeniable source of internal pride.
Propelled to make her more than just a bride, 65
As this life has a tag and she’s the price.
Unconcerned if it’s wrong or right,
To claim her as a queen in need of her white knight.
What good husbands just do for good wives;
For now on, all I write, is in honor of thy Queen. 70

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The Merge

Be mindful how easy it is to read this and end up lost
Taking a hit, instantly addicted to the taste of this power
Shopping with no mind paid towards cost
Supplying answers found on the other side of a step ladder
Sharing truth, so to be imprisoned helpless on a cross 5
The price one must pay to ever make things feel better
A personal stain which’ll remain even after the wash
Distracting from the objective of being the world’s ultimate lover
Performing acts others can’t wait to sit and watch
Simple thoughts valued by others like pieces of treasure 10
Appreciating how this is so genuine, yet still mean and harsh
Discovering how the purest feelings, inspire pleasure
Pioneers who focus more on the mission when things get hard
As to do anything less would be to go against nature
Struggling with this notion, anything done here could go too far 15
Ideals testifying why it’s a blessing to pamper to nurture
Rediscovering what really matters most to the heart
Instantly letting go of so much, it feels like a new form of torture
What happens when you bring the light to the dark
Walking across the edge with no thoughts of concern 20
How we humans were meant to create natural art
An empty handed notion for those who haven’t already learned
Ignorant over the chance to return to the stars
A form of connection, that’s not felt, but earned
The feel of human flesh appearing as soft as a scarf 25
Propelling these very senses high above the earth
So honest and pure, it’ll catch you at first, off guard.
Before you know it, you’ll next be immersed
Stopping on a dime when it hits; the feel of walking with God
Moments when two souls become one; The Merge 30

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I know it’s not lyrically possible too share it all here,
But in case I’m unable to ever share how this feels;
These lines were illustrated to show what made us so real
Mixing sentiments for you, with a mountain of skill
Therapeutic release like these words are pills 5
Composing a pledge, just to see what it reveals,
Revelations; concealed behind my own metaphorical veil
What you find out, in the first mile, of a 20 K run
Unwilling at the finish line, to take back what’s been done 10
Why I’m always still here, during another Saturdays sunrise
Another exhibition of how all in this world, can still be alright
Two who provide each other, with a precise level of comfort
Revelations that come with little to no effort 15
Protecting all we have, within a passion built fort
Seconds of pleasure which explain what I’m still here for
Time traveling, between heaven and here on this cold floor
Using our first time, as the standard going forward
Taking you like a soldier who comes home from war 20
Sharing with you all that’s been felt; till there’s no more
Giving you all I have, till it’s not possible anymore
Till it’s a struggle for neither of us, to move
Creating love, like there’s still something left to prove;
Recycled revelations, with their own ability to prove.
Headlines recited as the lead of tomorrow’s news. 25
At work; putting full use to your whole body
As every new use, further develops our bond
An adventures account of how when missed; you’re never really gone
Looking out in space as if it’s you, in your favorite nightgown
A teacher explaining how to me, you’re really a noun 30
A person, place or thing which incites profound knowledge
The culprit who inspires leaps, from all ledges
Who was there, when an empire was built, from what we share
Who’s made herself worthy of this romantic prestige 34
Phrases which say even more, than what you just read
More honest than what any reader is able to perceive
An itch I was never enticed to see leave
The mindless follower to where ever, all of this could lead
More scared than anything, of seeing you ever leave 38
More than happy to be classified, still so dumb and naive
The person who hasn’t used; yet still knows, what they need 40
As it’s finally possible to just focus on being me
As even now; I’m even unable to explain what that means
Alive and well; still none the less, living out a dream
Like alone; we’re individuals, but together we’re our own team
Ideals suddenly deeper than even, these words seem 45
Careless enough to share all id even proclaim as, foreseen
What all along; made this so impossible, to just forfeit
What made this impossible to ever wanna forget
Something special which required another level of focus
To be receptive of an outer worldly knowledge
Tempted to give you my absolute all, with this very pledge. 50

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A Missing Angel

Each day it’s a hassle being so far apart
Brought together and separated from the start
Left with only moments, using this anguish to fuel art
Images of your beauty which now act as the spark
Thoughts which eat at you like a great white shark 5
Pictures of your Angelic face which rest on top this heart
An endless list of desires that sit here in this mental shopping cart
Aspirations of a future that till now, existed solely in the dark
Alone and yet still with you on this park bench
Stuck in separate cities, yet, still it feels we’re separated by less than an inch 10
Day dreams no real man awakens from, with a simple pinch
An opportunity at happiness that all started with a wish
Rising each morning to this unique form of sacred bliss
Secrets of life found within the person you’re with
She who warrants all the risk 15
An Angel, even God must miss
Waiting daily to experience a sweetheart’s kiss
Feelings never spoken of, that weighs heavy on this chest
Learning to now value patience as just another test
Witness to how a life without you is the definition of detest 20
Realizing steadily what it truly means to invest
Ammunition that’d pierce any bullet proof vest
Affection of an Angel signifying you’ve been blessed
Breaking down why without her, you’re a mess
As without this lady, it’s not possible to say you’re at your best; 25
Far removed from he who leaves others impressed
Held hostage till we see each other next
Enduring off phone calls, caring messages sent through text
Lost without my Baby, she who must be heaven sent
Gods work, beauty only the Lord could invent 30

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Early Morning Dreams

Let me share with you, what I fell witnessed too last night
A glimpse into what a life together must be like;
Rolling over, placing my hand across your waist; bring you by my side,
Holding you close, asking myself how and why?
Watching you leave the bed, falling witness to curves causing me to die, 5
Believing all this good fortune must somehow be a lie.
Staring into your eyes through the bathroom mirror, wondering how is she all mine?
Waking up to the definition of beautiful, the definition of fine,
Fortunate enough to say an Angel is what I’ve been blessed to find.
Standing with you in the shower; soaping your body from behind, 10
Seconds of pleasure, bringing me joy every time.
Spinning you around for a kiss when your body language gives off this sign,
Sharing moments that almost feels divine.
Watching Gods best work as she dries off and starts to put on cloths,
Ready to roll with whichever way the day goes. 15
Little things causing this love for her to grow,
Praying she’s what will remain as I start to get old.
Thankful each morning for the treasure of a mate for this soul,
Why I utilize any second it feels right, to hold you tight.
Something simple but special, all real lovers do, 20
Little things like asking, do you want the last piece of food?
A love shared we never again have to prove,
Feelings understood with each sweet caress of your skin,
The reason even thinking of a life without you is a sin.
Walking out the door, instantly looking forward to only seeing you again, 25
Another chance to be with you, ma Angel sent from heaven,
She who plays the role of ma homie, lover and friend.
The last fact realized before the sweetest vision ends,
Pressing pause on these images of us on my mental TV screen,
Waking up to find these most precious moments, were only an… 30
Early Morning Dream

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Here lay facts, realized just the other day;
Among-st family and friend, yet still so far away
Dealing with a conscious, tempted too steadily stray,
Possibilities of another, sitting here where my baby stays,
Excuses that would leave her heart, with a stain 5
Attempting to erase this sensual importance, from my brain;
This which keeps me from gradually going insane
Perpetuating a lie; any woman has the skills, to love me the same
Even when they lack this touch, which eases all pain
Lacking these natural skills; even if they were trained 10
Requesting I forget someone, who is more than just a name
Acting as if she’s a player, substituted out of the game
Implying it’s easy to find a heart as special as hers, again
Fulfilling the role of lover but also, a true friend
As if just any face will do when this troubled life ends. 15
Deceit claiming, just anyone’s heart, could fit in these hands;
That just any woman could inspire me, to be a man
How any special lady, can play this part in God’s plan
Blessed with an ability to look within to understand
Born with knowledge needed to pass this exam 20
Compassion necessary to dance to a lover’s rhythm
The drive to work together, to fulfill our mission
Why without her, it feels like I’ve been sentenced to prison
Standing by you as the only change here, is the seasons
Passion so exotic, it almost feels forbidden 25
An Angel walking this earth for just me; straight from heaven
She who’s actually teaching me these lessons;
How love is to be honored, as we would any blessing.
The fairytale which begins the night of our wedding
But started from first, within. 29

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Someone Special: One and Only”

We meet people every day; all from different walks of life,
Those who are and aren’t able to live up to the hype.
Companions who strictly classify as our type,
Reminded of a time when you just knew someone special you liked.
The one you long to hold through a winter’s night,
She to be the princess or he to be the white knight. 6

The person capable of changing your whole life
Repairing the exact spot your heart was cut with a knife.
Bringing warmth to a feelings, overcome by ice,
Product of a seduction to the pleasures of lustful eyes,
Mislead to believe that for this, it’d be justified to even die;
Lies which reveal an angels as it starts to cry. 12

Missing out on a chance at something, that’s classified as a crime,
Losing what others would wait for forever in a line.
What’s to be cherished and celebrated with a simple glass of wine,
Feelings which help support this merit, all will one day be fine.
Blindly walking, unable to read any more of these signs,
Lead only by aspirations of this, that’s meant to be mine. 18

An opportunity running through the mind of not just any,
What you’re sure to abuse, if in deed not ready,
Willing to show the affection required as burdens get heavy,
Connected in a way; it drives all that’s evil, crazy,
What we’ll surely retain, when even dead and buried.
Lights for the parts of the movie, that are both dark and scary. 24

Working through every last struggle we face but also share,
Such an unbelievable story, it’s mistaken for a lie,
Satisfaction that encompasses the meaning of wrong or right
Sentiments attached to every last letter I write here
Pieces of us; the couple, that to this day I forever hold dear,
Someone special, seen crystal clear first within… 30