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Dear Reaper Letter

It is naïve to ignore your very presence.
Showing up to the party, always with the same present
A fact of the journey, man is unable to un-invent
You who accompanies any and all, to hell and heaven
A stranger who knows nothing of who we may have been 5
Here to take what was joyously given
Details associated with how our stories began.
What man was never designed to understand,
Why human life, moves to a unique order and plan,
Establishing change and growth like a plant. 10
Erased tomorrow like a message written in the sand
Providing all living, with our final rites of passage
Always on time; never mistaken as passive
Leaving behind an impact that’s life changing and massive
Moments when even the safest driver, fatally crashes, 15
When your auntie with perfect health is reduced to ash,
Victims to a world, where loved ones end up lost.
The pain of an itch developing into a rash
Prisoners remorse; born from the past, present and future
Forever waiting for the anguish to pass 20
Signs our good friend has again, accomplished his task
Watching as we cling to what he throws away like trash
Parts of the cycle grasped without the need of a class
The gardener overseeing every mineral in soil and grass
Emotions, as flammable as a canister of oil 25
Taking breath; throwing it away in a ball of foil.
Words for those who lack respect, for royalty,
Performing an act that commands the upmost loyalty;
Coming back for every last one of us, eventually,
Accompanying, when it’s our time to leave! 30

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Scar Tissue

This is written in respects to a shameful mentality,
Scripture for any who feel my place is still hanging from a tree
The preacher who preaches, without justice; there still can be peace
Sentiments for the soldiers who in death, found peace
Soul’s that joyous acts of hate, left deceased 5
A subculture unable to diagnose the cause of this dreadful disease
Truth that’s still ignored till the day we’re again deceived
As change, is the one thing some’ll never believe in,
Mere tricks devised to take advantage of the naive.
The distrust and deception a conscious subconscious perceives; 10
Forever stuck in the past to re-live horrors already seen,
Weak disguised as strong, those who thrive off the horrific and obscene
Mental sabotage which still plays out on the TV screen
Words most have to look up, to grasp what they mean.
In need of audio to re-live the sounds of a slaves scream 15
Why things are always more dire than they may seem
A constant crisis classified today as sensitive, racially.
Compelled personally, to react and respond radically
In search of freedom from the chains that advise all too biblically forgive;
Men who once believed, picking cotton was the apex of our skill. 20
Contempt perceived as what only a racist could reveal
Issues that actually grow in complexity as we peal back the onion
Private thoughts for all that’s been done
Issues that can’t ever be absolved by any reverend
The realization, the ‘real’ struggle knows no end 25
Painful words that’ve become society best friend
Addicted to the hurt and remorse like a drug fiend
The reason so many act like yesterday was just a bad dream
Real life horror stories most fear to even read about
What you can always believe in, even when in doubt 30
Why everyone’s in a constant recovery from a rough night out
An acceptance every last one of us, live in a glass house
Acceptance that pure hate doesn’t just reside in the south
Words which reverberate off a mirror focused on our mouths
The reminder we’re all drawn to hate, like moths to a flame 35
Filled with wonder whether it’s the good or evil that makes us the same
Facts of life that force us all to revel in shame
As we can all grasp how we’re truly the ones to blame
Poisonous thoughts that scar every piece of tissue in the human brain
An explanation why we all continue to fail to act in a world filled with pain 40


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The Grading Scale of Life

Sit back and appreciate who this was written for
The woman earning a living from her knees as a whore
Doing whatever’s needed to walk proudly through any door
Living with a cold exterior due to her feet pressed against a cold floor
Afraid only when the frail, show despair for what’s in store 5
Never once, willing to understand the purpose of her war
A female lion who’s never been able to let out her own primal roar
Expressing unique thoughts like there a Picasso painting classified as rare
Alive and well, in spite, if society genuinely cares or not
As in this world, the rest prefer to stand and stare 10
Why its easiest to walk away, as she lays lifeless here
When it becomes inconsequential if life, just isn’t fair
Finding her essence behind words, fully clothed; yet now nude and bare
What she utilized as a source of unfiltered air
Evidence that she was the only, fully awake and aware 15
Proof only confirmed, when death was near
Introspection which dictates the tone her testimonial will forever wear
Frozen in ink, by way of abused emotions, from past years
The reasoning behind endless nights of empty tears
Hooking on an avenue, giving into her mountain of fears 20
Kids accustomed to having their dreams pierced
Recognizing these very reasons, there can never be world peace
Observant of this destructive cycles which only repeats its self.
Explaining loud and clear why it feels pointless, asking others for help;
Not with the love from another or with one’s own health 25
As its this strength that defines our truest form of wealth
Living life at the bottom of well;
Free from the worry of ending up in either heaven or hell
Instead smiling, alone in a puddle of blood in spite of having fell
Those well-adjusted to these words, ‘you’ve failed’ 30
Here using what God gave us, to steadily make bail
A class above any average grading scale in life. 32

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Welcome to where tragedy never goes away,
Instructing here and now, how pain is here to stay,
Anguish that’ll dictate the action of today.
Filled with endless warning, to be afraid,
Avoid beliefs another will ever provide aid, 5
A notion more cryptic than anything else said.
Remorse that drives the sane, to lay awake in bed,
What’s taught best when all that’s pure, is left for dead,
Encouraging all the evil things, we ever did.
Heartache that attacks where the soul lives, 10
Repentance which all mankind, will never forgive,
Illustrating how good deeds build only faulty bridges.
Running out of viable lessons to share with the kids,
The masterpiece of why, this is the way the world is.
Planting seeds that help your heart to gradually freeze. 15
Packed and ready to move with a daily breeze,
An indictment on every use of the word, please.
Carelessly walking amongst the cloud, high off trees,
Drunk off power, prepped to put use to these keys,
False truth making our life pass with ease. 20
Jaded momentary joy like every day is New Year’s Eve,
Looking at every woman as if we’re there Adam to our Eve,
The only goal I’m compelled to achieve.
Forms of happiness seen an act of greed,
Joy which internally equates to a reason to grieve, 25
Inspiration for the absent minded to rewind and re-read.
Preaching that which mankind needs,
Forcing the weak and frail the crawl from their knees.
The motive behind this eternal source of power,
Understanding it’s this self-hatred, all call master. 30

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Escape with us to where sanity goes to be nevermore,
Where fears are associated with what’s in store for an encore
A matter of subject, that’s sure to strike a chord
When every breath of air, gives you reason to mourn
Struggling to grasp the good in a good morning 5
Medically cleared but still none the less, hurting
In danger from a heart that’s become a tad bit rusty
Oblivious, to any victim request for pity
Preoccupied with something the opposite of pretty
Eyes to the sky as a familiar face hangs motionless from a tree 10
Unsure of what from this moment, you may or may not need
Filled with wonder over which scripture we’re supposed to now read
Asking the pastor; explain what’s left us so weak
No longer diagnosing this as just a tough week
Acknowledging with each passing second, it gets harder to speak 15
What happens when everything is no longer tongue and cheek
Realizing these thoughts give off a feeling of something that’s cheap
The loving spouse who last night chose to cheat.
Faced with moving forward when all u know is defeat
Left with the feel of a chill, as you stand before the heat 20
All, a byproduct of the farmer who planted these tainted seed
Withering under the weight of falling behind the lead
Reminiscing over that which is no longer free
Destined with a reality that’s taken away a need to breathe
Words written with such sentiment; it’s best if u can’t read 25
The pregnant woman sitting there watching the father leave
Struggling to find genuine reasons to believe
Revealing its true; you’re really just that naive
Reflections laced with the stupidity associated with Eve
Raw emotions most struggle to even properly perceive 30

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Travel through the hallow walls of the inside
A house of gloomy halls where lights are never too bright
Where every emotion, good or bad comes with its own price
Stuck looking in the mirror for a source of pride
Discussions with a source not focused on being perceived as kind 5
Just another voice counseling these simple thoughts of the mind
Accompanying when it’s most appropriate to steadily unwind
Suggesting we digest todays message with another glass of wine
Clues to finding all the answers for how and why
Utilizing each piece of truth found embedded in yesterday’s lie 10
Working hard to study the dreams and nightmares of everyday life
Awakening to images witnessed just last night
Messages which explain it must be Angels who walk by our sides
Sentiments teaching there is no fear in having to die
Witnessing true power as another uses an automobile to drive 15
Turning on the ignition as if it were an act of crime
Rolling down a road without an ability to read these signs
Lacking the intelligence to even grasp this cosmic science
Living where our faults are never referred in past tense
As the word sanity makes little to no sense 20
A notion only seen clearly with the help of magnifying lens
Facts of life known best by those who love to pretend
Never experiencing what it was meant to be a friend
Unaware of this feeling of having to ever make amends
Of having to answer for destinies demands 25
Teaching self how very few will ever understand
Struggling to distinguish the purpose behind the plan
Stopping to catch a glimpse of shared anguish on today’s new stand
Still too hurt to find the will to lend any helping hand
Damn near 30; coming to grips with what it is to just be a man 30

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There’s always been a cost associated with this poetic duty
Observations which represent my own testimonial disease
Speaking through words for whoever needs a reason to believe
Promising the opposite what society foretells, we all need
Objectives disguised so we ignore our own tragic greed 5
Everyone blind to our greatest fortunate; the fortune to breathe
Naïve to facts; every form of life, eventually leaves
The card seen clearly within a cheaters sleeve
Remembered only slightly when family and friends grieve
Thoughts the feeble choose to not conceive 10
Sights from a perspective, very few can confess they also see
Facts of the story causing confusion very few, solve with ease
Outlining why most can’t comprehend how even life, isn’t free
Those unable to open the lock, even when supplied the key
Floating with no set course on an open sea 15
Unable to even acknowledge what’s meant to be
Who the devil deems child’s play, to deceive
Simple minded revelations, born from their own tainted seeds
Perfecting the role of a victim whose torment steadily increases
Lifelong prisoners to the agony of defeat 20
Emotions looked upon as any would a creed
Focused persistently on what they’ve yet to achieve
Unable to appreciate what it means to be pleased
Analyzing the puzzle of life with piece’s still missing
Incomplete as helping hands assist us all find peace of mind 25
Thawing metaphorical minds and hearts, long left out to freeze
Sentiments deeper than every last poem you’ll ever read
Utilizing these very thoughts and phrases in the search for the reason
Prophesized salvation found in the arms of the Lord’s only son
As if he’s the only who’s been persecuted, under this sun 30
As if he’s only one who struggled to grasp persistent joy and fun
Less of a man by modern day standards, due to a lack of funds
Internally compelled to negotiate with the creator for a refund
Giving back that which was given in an instance
Ever so absentminded of the steps to this time tested dance 35
Looking up high above as nothing more than a man
Member of a species too feeble to grasp the plan
So selfish, the only lesson grasped is self-destruction and pain
Why each conversation, honestly always sound the same
Close minded, quickly assessing who’s to blame here 40
Never dedicated enough to conquer every last form of fear
As without, the journey would be too weird;
Shared consciousness of how we’re all conditioned and wired
Possibly why then, the negative fulfills its own sleazy hidden desires
Torment more diabolical than the mind is even able conspire
Deceit so powerful, it’s torn down whole empires
Sucking out all forms of life like vampires
What’ll remains forever when all else vanishes
Man made destruction, that can only be banished for so long 50
Facts of who we are that’ll remain, long after we’re all gone
Tales of the future buried deep within a fiancées wedding gown
What’ll probably only be realize when she’s, no longer around
A person place or thing no longer around; defined today as a noun
Unchallenged knowledge provided by the most high and profound;
Used here, to combine art and this mind to form a compound
Self-belief; every last poem written here is just that far from common
Lyrics ingested subconsciously by the human conscious 58
Words conspired to leave every last reader convinced
Weaker if a single soul isn’t in the slightest, impressed 60
Mentally prepped, to deal with the stress of failure
Sentiments regarded internally as familiar
Still highly regarded by both family and friends
Why little is felt when the doubt of others happens again 64
Long discovered, within all torment lies a lesson to gain from
As every instant alive, good or bad is as useful as a single grain 66
Reshaping the very individual before you who remains
The plant which grew viral and strong from every drop of rain 68
The root of why in spite of difference; we’re still all the same
Players staring in the world renowned game of life 70
Characters with purpose, regardless if there star is dim or bright
Treasure hunters on a search for what’s seen without sight
When Angels undeniably watch over us, right by our sides
Instilling an unnatural sense of cosmic pride 74
Which pretty much amounts to the total cost of my poetic duty.