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Weight of a Vision

Even I’ve grown confused from these profound words
As each line perfects the act of concealing where it hurts most
The realization these ideas are really ghost
Lyrical revelations which revolve around how each days goes by
Reminded with each phrase, of past highs and lows 5
Tales from the time traveler, addicted to life on the road
In search of the utopia found, within resolution of the old
Using every moment to pay back what’s owed
Remorse, the general public will never know of
Images on a TV screen that can’t be avoided with a remote 10
Pieces of who I am, still regretted most
Scars which possess an ability to never show;
Which reflect how this cold exterior has grown upon me
The reasons, how and why all you see before you, came to be
Shame eerily similar to the beast from beauty and the beast 15
For the pain here is derived from the mere fact I still breathe
Self-loathing and hate that’s yet to leave
Ill-advised religious facts, I’ve been brought up to believe
Prisoner to the notion, these feelings are what I now need
That to prey for a positive disposition, is greedy 20
Partaking in exams daily, to get the taker ready
Crafted to illustrate how a poet is to rewrite history
Sharing with one and all, verses from his story
Granted time on this stage, to confess before all and say I’m sorry
Insight to assist in our quest, to escape this forest 25
Aid to neglect that which you’ve grown to detest
Ways to establish a persistent perception, of making a difference
Magical delusions, the world can be changed with a sentence
Mirages which make it seem, we can ignore the past tense
Foresight that makes total sense
What I always knew, with or without a reference 30
Facts of yesterday recognize in less than an instance
Faces, to this day, you recognize at any distance
Knowledge understood and appreciated, by even the dense
Misguided followers; happy to come to their leaders defense
Supportive of all that’s said and done like family and friends 35
Reciting each line, even if they can’t grasp what they mean
As if they were around for all I’ve already seen;
Quick to use one man’s life to construct movie scenes
Using these testimony, as reason to believe in our dream.
To fall asleep in spit nights that abruptly end with scream 40
Nightmares found within the twilight of a high beams
Thoughts which remind, what should have been
Mental images, branded today as forbidden
Lost within the depths of a personal Armageddon
Feelings to this day, that go unmentioned 45
Invisible to all; even if you paid a million for my attention
Phrases preserved to serve as my ultimate confession
Ideals pertaining to the provisions of natural leader.
The feel you get when nothing matters but your divine mission
Born to shoulder the divine weight of a vision


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