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The Craft of Our Most Beloved

Hear these voices of mine as you study these unmatched words
Written in a way never shared before
Rereading afterwards, as it’s sure to leave some disturbed
Walking in circles like a solider returning from war
Using poetry to build something sacred here, like a nest to a bird 5
Providing wealth in spit claims, were technically poor
Supplying all with natural ideals, for those thinking above the curve
Utilizing these skills when life starts to leave us board
Grateful for being blessed with the fortune of a gift and curse
Taking both entities and connecting them with this extension cord 10
As it’s impossible to figure out which came first
Facts of life embedded in the spiritual core
That which’ll drive you till we’re riding in a hearse
Why it’s accepted what life has in store
Overcoming all that which leaves us hurt 15
Learning to live without that we most adore
Giving a flawless performance without once needing to rehearse
Anticipating the audiences call back, for an encore
Stuck uncovering these revelations in reverse
Messages from above that are impossible to ignore 20
Clues to the journey shared by the pastor in church
Dealing with issues set on a difficulty setting of hardcore
Anguish which requires a fulltime nurse
Carrying around burdens that cause most to drop them on the floor
Tribulations that leave most dying of thirst 25
Slaves begging to their master, “please no more”
Believing today, these tragedies can get no worse
Discovering sanctuary in the arms of a whore
Unable to pray, as you’re unsure if this even works
The craft of our most beloved 30


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