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I’ve chosen to utilize these words to illustrate what’s inside,
Poetic confessional of how I’ve tried.
Heartfelt words that’ll probably viewed as another elaborate lie,
A tall tale told from the last drop of wine,
An illusion all here, is indeed perfect and fine. 5
Even with pain filled images running through this mind,
Desires to distinguish heaven and hell sent signs
Third eye sights that have me going blind
Too prideful to simply ask out for help
Ignorant to the status of my own failing mental health 10
Distracted from a perception, of an abundance of wealth
Outlining my own continual and gradual problems with self
Ever forgetful of realizations stored on a back shelf
Those whose validity has been proven above anything else
Uncovering enlightenment, I tend to hide rather well 15
Grasping to understand the remorse felt every time I ever failed.
Addicted to the discomfort of a cell,
Lies claiming my resting place lies in hell,
Real facts of life, I was always instructed never tell.
How I’m genetically drawn, to follow this deceitful tale. 20
Lost vessels of sea, set too never return from sail
Walking around with a soul available for sell
Free, yet still bound by an internal form of jail
Punishing self to the point where one kills
Self-inflicted pain; which requires a certain level of skill 25
Why the notion of self-love always been battle
Slowly learning, maybe I do actually matter
Created to accomplish more than just being a martyr
Misguided ideals the fool claims, makes him wiser
Facts brought to light from where the soul grows darker 30
Refined from each occurrence misfortune occurs,
When people proceed to carefully work our nerves,
The frustration embedded in these classic verses,
Using rhythmic expression to exploit this mental curse.
Writing as a way to make sure, things don’t get worse, 35
Facts to be remembered when I lay lifeless in a hearse,
The only medication found which alleviates what hurts.
Worries, I’m still not the best me this cold world deserves
Better suited to fulfill the role of army reserves
Paraphrases so rich in meaning, they’ve formed my proverbs. 40


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