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Personal Problems

I tend to utilize pen and paper as a way to escape,
As this is how I’ve chosen to lose weight.
Losing focus of desires to be great
Mentally prepared to migrate again,
Carefree travel across a secluded lake 5
Where we’re unsure if this is a dream, or if we’re awake.
Reading warning signs, “reality will have to wait”
Prohibited from wasting a single ounce of energy on hate
The homeless man who begs nightly for his hot plate;
Warmth similar to that found within an internal palace 10
Where its prescribed the path moves at its own pace
One predicated on an expression beneath this face
Special moments, man is unable to fake
Ingredients, essential to belief in faith
A foreign language understood when we concentrate 15
As it’s here, what unites us, is more than character traits
Compiling past successes and missteps
Finding all along, any association to either been misplaced
Faced with the notion, every second alive been a waste
Forced to rebuild at 30 from a destructive earthquake 20
Researching how to make crooked roads, straight
Compelled suddenly by what others claim is at stake
Why this poem touches on more than a mind state
Suddenly filled the anxiety of a blind date
A student afraid to admit he didn’t do the assignment 25
Actions of a natural born ass in need of refinement
Words of a natural born leader intrigued more by retirement
Lacking a single accomplishment; none the less, already tired.
Repercussions of a life on a high wire.
Revelations of the memorable writer 30
Supplying the masses, keys to their own empire
Looking on as they also grow addicted to the power
Born from the greatness, left in these words
Lyrical diagrams which illustrate nothing of the hurt,
Questions based off existence on earth 35
The grand design behind every last breath
Compelled by what would happen, if we uncreated birth
Science experiments to see if life is really a gift or curse
A hypotheses based off what may or may not occur
Results which are sure to offend some, 40
What will drive some to eliminate others, for their honesty.
As there’s never time to care for another’s tragedy,
Never time to prosecute what clearly deceives all.
As if having an original thought is an incurable disease
Trends, opposite what books classify, human needs
Preaching we mindlessly worship from our knees.
Unaware how faith alters the ways we perceive
Spawns of deceit born from what believe in
Answers provided to inquiries, first asked deep within;
Fruit fallen from trees grown in a dark dreary corner 50
Why at times, my preference is to be alone.
Peace of mind due to humanity being gone
Where it’s irrelevant to judge, right or wrong
Blocking out the world with another man’s song
Secure in ideals maybe I just don’t belong
Grown enough to say, I need no reason
To explain facts which never change like the seasons,
Gospel forgotten in a bottle, floating out at sea
Pieces of myself, I pray every night, never leave
An antidote which supplies strength needed to believe
Knowledge of the village idiot perceived as naïve
Answers found from an unearthing of needs
Relief accompanied by a relaxing, cool breeze
Filled with knowledge, in spite of being casted the fool
Blessed with thoughts others eat up like food
Using brain power to provide fuel
Transporting truth across the border like I’m the mule
Painting a blasphemous picture, captured in a poetic mural
Phrases which find relevance past, ever last funeral
A testimony which travels through time in this cold world
Asking for only your empathy as you hear these lines cry,
Emotions concealed by my last breath of pride,
Pain buried deep behind these eyes;
Contempt from prophesy, the end might actually be nice.
Weary suddenly from an endless circle of lies, 75
Why its accepted, nothing ever feels right.
A lack of respect for any value placed on growth in life,
An outlook cold as artic ice,
The same perception used to perceive me as wise
All unaware of these different levels of torment inside.
Bitterness making it hard to stare into a bright light,
Dead weight keeping me from reaching great heights
A subconscious forever to impatient to wait,
Utilizing legal and illegal drugs as an escape route
Fears from the reality, it’s probably too late
Remorse felt from being unable to get back what life takes.
Paying me back, with only respect at my wake
Soldiers carrying on the good fight in a world of hate
Authors molding the story as it takes shape
Pictures which reveal every last trait
Moments of history littered with triumphs and mistakes;
Acts derived from the art of penetration,
A manipulation of the mind state, of the day;
Saddened how in this mirror, stands another mental slave,
Puppets unable to appreciate the concept of change
Breaking down how anything different is still, just the same
As regardless, they all bring with it, more joy and pain
Little scares which suddenly, dictate orders to the brain
Voices quick to assign blame with self.
An internal shrink who advices there no use here, for help
Personal problems that belong to no one else, but me. (100)


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