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My Rival

Finally, after so ever long I’ve tracked you down. You who I deem good friend after years spent chasing your ghost. Forever aware how easy it was fight an opponent unprepared to defend himself; willing but unable to see who’s to blame, who’s at fault… 

See, this is what happens when we aspire too much in life
Explaining, why eventually, disappointment doesn’t even disappoint too much
Long overcome of a broken heart, that forces most to walk with a crutch
Inspiration for this lesson on the dangers of acting on a crush
Outlining what happens when all those hopes and dreams are left crushed 5
Pieces of truth which haunt, as you sit alone eating lunch
Struggling for breath, as if you’ve been struck with a sucker punch
Wondering who ever said, relationshits where all smiles and fun
Pushed to limits, which proclaim you’re finally done
Tired of playing the fool, meant to only look dumb 10
Filled with the animosity of a thief, holding you up with his gun
Left alone; faced with a road block, with nowhere to run
Embracing late night nightmares, which tend to haunt
Learning to operate without that which most claim as a want
Finding myself surrounded by fears, back against the wall 15
Utilizing torment, propelling us to give our all
Striving and surviving without a need, for a single motherfucker to call
Pushing what’s left of this pride, to stand persistently tall
Remembering, we were all created to be invisible
An unspoken piece of knowledge buried deep in bible 20
The verses missing need to explain this vicious cycle
A heart with a scar; worn on this sleeve as if it’s a style
What I’d judge first, when these morals are put on trial
Unconcerned as apparently, I haven’t been clear headed for awhile
Amongst society, but spiritually, living amongst animals in the wild 25
Becoming a mad man who’s alone, to fit a police profile
Broken in pieces over never yet, walking down the isle
A simple mirage that’d never fulfill the motive to smile
Looking deep inside to find the only true form of revival
Finding in this arena; it’s just I, who’s been my greatest rival. 30


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