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M.O. (Mission Objective)

For this, my mission’s objective is to keep it simple and basic
Composed as a cure; for that which leaves you sick
Supplying what you need, like the one you’re with
Knowledge over time, you’ve learned to miss
Explaining why you’re reading that at your own risk 5
Simplistic ideals not to be recited as you slit a wrist
Escaping your world of pain with just one poetic kiss
Getting all you desire with just one line or wish
Unearthing the strength to be done with these endless torments
Strong enough to reject what others proclaim as heaven sent 10
Lacking the ability to make sense of that which lacks sense
Silly burdens you’re struggling to refer, in the past tense
Expressions concealed by an invisible mask
Finding results never add up when you stop to do the math
Reading the map wrong, as you’ve lost your way on this path 15
Why anything that is pure, is instantly left in the trash
Unable to explain why it’s a real struggle to just feel fantastic
Stuck with a perception, every day is its own task
A continual struggle to find additional avenues of cash
Momentary happiness which never once, seems to last 20
Like a teammate who refuses to pass
As without this outlet, everything seems to fall through the cracks
Pushing oneself to a ledge, only built to see you snap
Feelings best grasped the second before things go black
Clarity found somewhere in-between the gap 25
The difference between the start and the end of a lap
Simple lessons, long forgotten from a life which passed by too fast.
The understanding and patience lost to these seconds of a flash
Missing inspiration that was meant to be transformed into a passion
Spelling out the exact reason for this mission’s objective. 30


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