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Hope and Dreams

Read of the inspiration from this, an out-a-body experience
A writer leaving both pain and sorrow in each line and sentence
Why neighbors constantly snoop through their fence
Spoken in a foreign language like either Spanish or French
Dossed in so much reality, even you must be able to smell this stench 5
Tuning out these voices striving to only see me flinch
The definition of a scratch you just can’t itch
Wasting away a holy prayer or Godly wish
An environment that requires first some form of adaption like water to a fish
A broken clock which has found its place on this very wrist 10
Item 28,000 and 1 on this lifelong never ending list
When it hurts coming to grips with how so much has been a complete waste
Eating food with never any appreciation for either the smell or taste
Just a wondering prick without any distinct features of the face
Lost without an antidote for mere moments of internal peace 15
As if breathing air seems to be the catalyst of this disease
With happiness playing the part of your typical tease
Still running from endless ideals filled with evil deeds
What must’ve been instilled from an absent father seed
Walking with a chip that no other can see 20
Why these desires for joy seem more like acts of greed
Understanding how for so long I’ve been only deceived
Presuming anyone like me has something out here to achieve
Stupid enough to fall for this lie telling us, believe
Believed in spit burdens that’ll never leave 25
Problems attached to the roots of this tree
Poison placed in every item I eat
Facing facts that this soul will never be truly free
Shackles attached to both hands and feet
Stuck with a psyche that’s both frail and weak 30
A self-confidence that’s tongue in cheek
An outlook of the future which is bleak
Placed on a vessel that’s sprung a leak
What it must feel like to be the fallen but floating leaf
Walking without any sincere faith in belief 35
With a smile waiting to be stolen away by another thief
Contempt from past memories, however brief they maybe
Full of reflection from a lifetime of maybes
Wondering how we’re to explain this to any future babies
Explaining this spell which completely had me defeated strangely 40
For life really is something ain’t she
Measured through it all, by internal acts of bravery
Breaking away from the chains of mental slavery
Words hidden in the ink that no other can read
A very rare, unique and special breed
Using hopes and dreams, not oxygen, too now breathe 45


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