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No matter what may go down, blame always must be associated with who’s at fault. Associated still with faults in spit years spent negotiating a freedom, an obvious barging basement deal; a deal obviously based off a failed past.  A past, which can never be ignored and forgotten; how we each acknowledge our parts…

 For you see, these parts make up the fibers of a soul
Men or women, whose names are insignificant to this story,
Details, unimportant to roots growing from the soil,
Lineage; what makes any, their own breed.

The heights and depths of spiritual growth
Guilty of passing unexpected but failing expected lessons,
Convicted due to an addiction to the evils,
Still a detainee, due to their everlasting impression

Responsible for taking the good, leaving behind the bad
Pieces hard to throw away, still kept from the past.
Sins, unfazed by a bath of holy water
Facial expressions, concealed beneath the mask

Whispers heard from any distances; no matter how far,
Known, but still unseen like the head of a drug cartel
Dark matter, embedded from birth into the heart
So undeniable, it lacks sense, to ask out for help

Help with private thoughts, we keep all to ourselves
Ideas and ideals; valued today as this individual’s wealth
Skirmishes, used here and now to redefine self
The one liable, for when things don’t go well

Why you’re secretly wiser from what’s been done
Reused recyclables found in a dumpster
Keys to life, retrieved from the garbage more than once
Modern day scripture for all lost souls to confide in

An epicenter and producer to a lack of worry or concern
What’s held and cherished, even as it burns flesh
Tight casted as the same student, unable to ever learn
Petty personal issues, which only reflect off others

Born in a world of hate, where we’re unnaturally accustomed to;
Accustomed to the acceptance associated with we’ve been through
Haunted nonstop by images with an ability to intrude
Beating up a person, yet never leaving a single bruise

An enemy which feeds off all we have, left to prove
Venturing to retrieve what was lost on the roof of God’s house
Prepped for a rematch to show off an improved opponent
Taking it to a point, sacrifices are made to both integrity and rules

Driven by the fear of cold hands squeezing life from this neck
Transforming a basic, into a complex problem
Unsure due to an uncertainty over what happens next
Stranded, left to only rely on the merit of a process

Weighting the difference between wants and responsibilities
For joy is rarely found within the purpose of duty;
Forever afraid to reach the heights of the highest tree
Weighed down by what keeps us all from being able to leave

Told after an autopsy, the victim died from a struggle within
Where it felt safest, where there was minimal self-neglect
Home of men who know no life, outside their prison cells
A way of life, man disregards with a lack of respect

Well aware these jewels for thoughts were seen as uncool
Lead to agree these conscious sights and sounds never mattered
Closed off, attached internally to different type of cruelty
Faceless individuals, playing their own parts; parts in disaster.


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