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Bitter @ 75

A cycle of destruction is responsible for all this speaks of,
Written with ideals provided from down below and high above,
Given from one deeply enamored with the idea of love,
Blind, unable to recognize the difference between this and lust.
As little faith is placed in the establishment of faith and trust, 5
The notion, it’s the whole world verse just the two of us.
Heavy hearted emotions grown born from a schoolboy crush,
Subconsciously playing with hearts like they’re sandbox toy.
Disregarded when it ceases to provide joy,
Looking for the next person to destroy and concur; 10
Consciously making an effort to place only partial faith in another,
Believing all over again; no two could ever possibly be better,
Instilling an illusion, confidence that makes you feel braver.
Showing up to an animal rights meeting, wearing only fur,
Ignoring the unwanted, only prescribing to that, we prefer, 15
Alleviating past fears, your value to the world was less than dirt;
Casting a spell which absolves past curses,
Bringing us back to life after death, like a doctor or nurse.
No longer afraid of the knife, used first, by our first,
When it felt, things could be no worse, 20
Revealing in feelings; relationship’s aren’t meant to work out;
Failed emotional connections, which only leave us hurt.
Searching for more answers from the local mosque or church,
Memories which secretly, still have you feeling hurt or injured,
Why when you grow close now, you feel you’re in danger. 25
Danger of falling for yet again; another stranger,
Suspicious of a bond, destined to end in disaster.
Cynical of every last mirage seen in this merciless desert,
Choosing not to partake in what’s being served for dessert,
What it must be like when you’re 75 and still so bitter. 30


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