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Never before has it felt this easy to escape within what I write,
The unique feel of doing something, that’s right.
Working past these cute thoughts of an Angel for dark knights
Growing weary from a search for ones truest might
Ignoring claims I’m suddenly wise when I’m just older, 5
With an attitude that’s left me sitting all alone, in the cold,
Painful emotions concealed by this tone over the phone?
More than prepared if forced, forever to walk alone
Life lessons I’ve left here on these poetic chalk boards
Powerful words I’m likely to only share when I’m bored 10
Profound ideals foreseen through the comfort of a whore
Dealing daily with the repercussions of a lifelong internal war,
Scars which reflect nothing of the external.
Words laced with concerns that only regard, the eternal
Something that can’t fully be addressed till the day of a funeral 15
Till the moment this body is laid down for burial,
When it’d be appropriate to appreciate the concern of all,
The few who fulfill proud claims to always be there, should I fall.
Sentiments written in respects to the fact, life’s hard,
As wants and desires live on separate islands; miles apart. 20
Why I honestly check for a pulse, to see if there’s still a heart here,
More scared of accepting happiness and joy, than any fear.
Words brought to life, in way that makes these lines feel special and rare
Thoughts giving off an impression, I remember how to even care,
Searching through memories, only asking for what’s fair. 25
Eyes to the sky, wondering why the fallen can’t still be here,
Prepared to sink in, unwilling to shoot off the survival flare;
An act too difficult to perform when fully ware,
Of these principal thoughts, man should never share
Why here and now; I stand before the world completely bare 30


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