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An Angel for Dark Knights

We’re all born to be who we are. Each of us; issued tools necessary to get any job done, each with our own motive to get the job done. Hard at work, weather the sun’s up or down; therapy, working through pain long, long forgotten. Looking at out for whoever wishes to embark; an invitation, a…

Welcome to a most sacred hall; a place only we’re allowed to go
Sharing images we had to swear, we’d never show.
Why even now, all you see is a tainted heavenly glow,
Expressing how each day blessed with life, is chance to further grow,
Utilizing lessons, that most will never grasp or know, 5
Facts of life forgotten by either, young or old,
Ideals misleading the masses to perceive this as something more than bold.
When reality is, these words just move with whichever way the wind blows.
Analyzing this, that everyday life discreetly shows,
What’s illustrated through the eyes of a soul filled with holes, 10
More preoccupied with understanding how to one day be made whole.
We, the one’s still striving to complete this list of viable goals,
Making a home in a place; no one dares to go,
Blasphemous thoughts that reflect a new low,
Providing self-warmth due to a heart that’s grown cold; 15
Probably due to being the one, no one apparently wants to hold,
Understanding someone has to play the unwanted role.
Surviving without shelter, stranded and alone at the cross road,
The fairytale prince, prisoner to his life as a toad.
Maybe who it is, God refuses to repay, but still owes, 20
Advising that no princess dare kiss this one’s nose.
Twenty-six plus years of knowledge preaching, it’s senseless to expect bliss,
Something that’d invite, only more of a risk,
The core essence of what’s revealed within an Angels kiss.
A lesson as influential as instructing man to fish, 25
Learning how our truest dreams reside in a lovers wish.
Testifying it’s a choice, when pain motivates us to cry.
Inspired by this newly placed mandate, to at least try,
Shopping for a form of happiness, we can’t just go out and buy.
Someone who feels her true place is by our side, 30
She who was created to ultimately, ride or die,
Emotions she never feels she has to hide,
The woman proudest calling herself; your bride.
Showing how nothing was left behind; when what we have, is so right,
Better than any recreational drug leaving a user high 35,
A soul reviving its mate a new, each and every night,
Bringing the dark to the light.
Illustrating, undeniably the best feeling in life.
Cutting as deep as the sharpest knife.
An Angel created for the darkest of knights! 40


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