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A Moment of Truth

Some moments are everlasting; some more than others. Time traveling through past consciousness; sentiments which never age with time. Well aware these bastard children born are indeed my own; a parent unable to disown his own. Going asleep to escape; wondering out loud… 

Is it normal to start days, aware of that which is wrong
The kind of epiphanies found at the back of a long line
Moment when the reality sinks in
Times when these emotions are best subdued with a glass of gin
When every step is a step closer to your next sin 5

Dealing with remorse found from a moment of truth written in ink
A mighty ship like the titanic that’s about to sink
As only God can know how all this came to be
Burdens no one else is capable of being able to see
An attitude problem that cares little if you don’t understand;
Understand or grasp this moment, when a boy becomes his own man 11

Pieces of this we are; put away for safe keeping in the closet
An attempt to preserve how this feels before I’ve lost it
Weather from the drugs or evil thoughts finally winning this battle
A fear which brings tears to eyes like a new born losing their rattle
The fear that you’ll forever be lost in the dark
Always walking scared; scared to hear Satins dog bark.
Demons who specialize in taking peace from the night;
Medication which takes away the feel; the feel of not having to put up a fight,
An opportune opportunity to capture lost souls,
As every last one of them is as precious as white gold;
Even as their actions prove, some are just fool’s gold. 22

Wondering here, was this what it was like for Jesus?
Falling behind the lead when you’re meant to lead us,
The feel you get when the world is waiting for you to grow up,
Visualizing images that leave the brain stuck,
Knowing; it’s not normal to have these thoughts.
Feeling instead, it’s safest to lock them away with a hundred different locks
Doing what’s prescribed, a fairytale lifestyle that’s nice and safe
Making sure to only walk in the light, just to avoid getting raped 30

Focused on being the person, ever thankful for being so blessed
The person that always stands out amongst the rest
Always giving thanks for slightest instance of happiness
Never again walking with a hole in your heart called emptiness
For these golden wings, never again, will come so close to the fire
As the world will never look into these eyes and see a liar 36

Never again filled with disdain for all in the world
Showing respect from others, with or without a referral
Striving to live by the fantasy just described
Reaching out to whoever teaches this, preaches these morals to the tribe;
Because reality then or now, we’re all just the same
Prisoners in a constant, ever changing game.
A game where some are placed in better positions than others
Participation which in fact make us all sisters and brothers 44

Tragic ideals which even now, won’t change anything
To pre-occupied with petty fears; single without a reason to wear a ring
Byproduct of a mind, body and spirit only twenty-two
Beholder of a secret acknowledged openly, by very few
Facts from a moment of truth; something all need to read once
A private prayer so pure, it feels all should have to also bleed 50

The young boy who sits there on his knees
Desperately looking to the sky; begging please
Asking his pain be replaced with a dream
A future without the sound of a scream
Finding a myth has fallen into this lap
Running to get home safe, before it gets dark.
Set to travel down a path that’s straight and narrow
Finding salvation a second before it’s too late
A second before there’re no more shots at redemption
Words so scary, they go without mention. 60


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