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The Mirror

Read as yet again, another testimony begins
This one, absent strength to accept the forgiven,
Forgetful, of all that’s been given;
Focused only, on fruit branded forbidden.
Mere traits, perceived inside, as hidden 5
Information best understood when the movie ends;
What’s crystal clear when watched again.
A basic analogy now considered as best friend,
The one who gets us past thoughts of revenge
As it understands, such a result provides little gain 10.
Salvation in the embodiment of a single grain;
Seeds of deceit, born from within the brain
Alive due to an inability to move past pain
An empty canvas utilized to re-create remorse
Pieces of us, that’s no more 15
Parts of the soul left to rot on the floor
Disregarded and forgotten like a whore
Repercussions from a never ending war
Torment embedded within the core
Resentment for growing up, alone and poor 20
Fear from what’s left you unsure
Stricken with a disease which has no known cure
Hope and dreams abandoned in a sewer
Memories which in fact, no longer live here
Coming to grips with the true source of fear 25
As within this very message, truth is crystal clear
Stuck, unable to change gears
Aware the resolution is close, but never near,
A voice you’ll always be able to hear;
The man behind the face in the mirror. 30


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