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The End

Any time I look back at these very lines, I see only pure art
Using letters to describe what sets us apart
Reflections from that, which was pre-ordained from the start
The fulfilled wish, of a long forgotten shooting star
Pieces of light forever cherished in a dark world, 5
Thoughts as valuable as any diamond or pearl;
Crafted to only ensure each line, gives the world, it’s all.
A voice for those who’ll call, never again
Preserving sentiments felt for absentee family and friend
A piece of reality that never seemed truly heaven sent 10
What always operated best, with a lack logic or sense
Working in the here and now to preserve our past tense
What’s eliminated any need to still pretend
Heavy handed ideals which forcefully penetrate
All the byproduct of a poets moment to concentrate 15
Reviewing these such moments to grasp every last mistake
Partaking in an endless, great debate
One for which, others cannot participate
As any form of input, influences what the creative create
Why even a single idea alters how these words take shape 20
Unaware how you’re disrupting a date with fate
Illustrating how what’s real, can always still be fake.
Preoccupied now with trails, no other can partake in
For to even aspire to lend a helping hand, is too sin
Like to use a word, without knowing what it means 25
Faced with tribulations of what’s already been foreseen
Satisfied with the understanding, purpose is the only reason
Here regardless; engaged in a war with real demons
What it is, to just be a human being
Bogged down by images of what could’ve  been 30
Trains of thought branded today as forbidden
The feel of a P.O.W. charged with treason
Punishment for losing sight of the lesson
A death sentence for a failure to live up to the legend
We who use our anger and spite as a weapon 35
Motivation for each stroke of this very pen
Unfazed should it ever happen again
Big enough to still provide others there amends
An act predicted on being the bigger man,
When the bond we shared, has long reached the point, it ends 40
The End


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