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Simple Math

I write this to leave all that’s unsaid in ink
Chapters of life missed when we stopped to blink
Missing pieces of the story lost to the bottom of a sink hole
What keeps us warm when the weather forecast leaves us cold
Satisfied like a man free from the weight of a heavy load 5
Intelligence found from knowing you’ve cracked the code
Uncovering what it feels like to master a role
Given the map to find the way to an open road
Secrets of life hidden within stories of the old
Answers speaking for what it mean to grow 10
When it matters not, if you don’t know
As long as you’re forever in touch with the soul,
That which everyday life, continues to mold
Providing us with the script to this TV show
The only thing assisting to fix this man made hole 15
What happens when we accomplish little from our list of goals
Paying a toll for any and every feeling of happiness
Appearing all together in spit internal signs of distress
Tales from the crypt, filled with lines of regret
Wondering how long we must wait before one forgets 20
Lessons outlining why peace of mind is priceless
Outlining how stress is our mistress
Inspiring feelings that we’re meant not to trust
Mesmerizing the mind with similarities between love and lust
Teaching confusion about the differences between fate and luck 25
Knowledge needed to assist when the journey finds us stuck
Forgetting all that’s ever been instructed
A student sitting in class, totally distracted
Focused on only that which persistently attracts
Twenty years later, still having issues with simple math 30


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