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Second Chance

Work with me as we get ourselves through this.  Well aware we fail to get back up from where fell from.  A single man; unable to affect or alter that which has already been done.  Waking up in a world where we’ve all been forewarned; taking steps with the past in mind.  Mentally prepared; ready for the next sip as…

Each line is just another sip from this same wine
As time only helps to explain what’s been lost over time
What hurts so much as I stand proclaiming the same old line
Why it’s never actually true to say all is well and fine;
Not when so much is hidden away, waiting for us to first find, 5
Stuck with endless thoughts that run carefree in the mind,
Acknowledgment of what it means to be one of a kind.
Frozen by these desires to be revered as thoughtful and kind
Engulfed in darkness as everything else seems to shine
Held prisoner by this same glass of wine 10
Afraid to ask questions of why
Searching for reasons why it still hurts to just cry
Why it’s impossible to focus and try
Scared of uncovering truths which are actually lies
Secrets hidden right before our very eyes 15
Shadows which take over when all else dies
Driven by the fear of once again, saying goodbye
Memories which before too long, begin to melt away like ice;
So far removed from any form of light
Pain and suffering which remain the only things in sight. 20
Something that should never be valued as a life
Awake in the mist of the heat, from a summer’s night
Asking aloud to four walls, which way is right way out
Afraid of being required to put up any form of a fight
For its impossible to scale the peak of this fright 25
Sitting here with what’s left of this might
Repeating these mere words, “wouldn’t it be nice”
Freezing act of failure as a source of pride
Where we need pay nothing to cover the price;
What it takes to make the same mistake twice 30


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