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Suddenly it feels appropriate to deal with just myself
Burdens long forgotten, collecting dust on a back shelf
Traits of this character, known by no one else
Why daily it feels like there are concerns for my own mental health
Fighting to forever stay out this internal hell 5
In search of how to finally, forgive and fully heal
A way to look past the fake and appreciate the real
Never again losing sight of how true happiness is meant to feel
Distinguishing the difference between talent and skill
When self-infliction is your primary source for a new thrill 10
Peace of mind unlikely, knowing all that’s wrong within has yet to be killed
Working to restore this spirit that’s grown cold as steel
Remembering lessons loved ones took their time to instill
The type of things, only time and patience can reveal
Uncovering the real source of all these acts of evil 15
Going back in time to now reinvent the wheel
Getting back that which time itself, is known to steal
What happens when placing too much faith in faith leaves you derailed
Paranoid each and every prayer will now result in failure
Voices questioning how it is I can trust her 20
When I’m so fearful of this idea things will get better
Struggling with this notion, what I want actually matter
Dreams of laying here inside my Angel on her side of the mattress
Medication known to help alleviate all forms of stress
A piece of heaven found in between the crease of her breast 25
Where responsibilities revolve around intimacy and getting rest
Instances far removed from these everyday games of chess
Finding an escape route via this delicate flesh
No longer bracing for what tragic event meant to happen next
Opening the door to more opportunities to carefully reflect 30
Providing the motivation needed to poetically confess
Lines paraphrasing this continual battle for my own self-respect
Rhyming about an absence of needs deemed by most as basic
An aliment which has steadily left me feeling sick
Left me striving without a single prayer or wish 35
Carefully reviewing all that’s missed so it can be properly explained
What insights these fears of spending the rest of this life in pain
The moments we realize that no matter what; we’ll never be the same
Ups and downs which depict how the journey is no game
Why we’re fortunate if we ever dance another dance again 40
Moving past the loss of a lover and friend
Closing the book on a chapter designated to end early
Walking up to learn; happiness has its cost, while torment is totally free
Heavy hearted sediments impossible for some to believe
Explaining why to expect anything else is to be regarded an act of greed 45
More desires that have nothing to do with what we actually need
Lessons best understood by the 50 yr. prisoner just released
Walking free; forced to live without loved ones long deceased
Fees hidden at the bottom of our life long receipt
Payment for the mistakes which we can’t afford to repeat 50
Memories filled with the mental scares we tend to keep
Bruised egos from nights ending with a kiss on a cheek,
To may prince charming with a propensity to cheat
People whose love for you makes you feel easy and cheep
Let down by someone who appeared to be so sweet 55
Who you thought you could lean on when you’re weak
The face which picks you back up after a rough week
Responsible for re-installing a sense of belief
Bonds we hold on too till the end of their lease
What happens when we’re more focused on them being pleased 60
People who lack a similar interest whenever we beg and plead
Usually the same person who you thought would never deceive
Looking back now to find the moment poison was placed in this seed
Searching for the understanding making it acceptable to be naive
Unearthing the strength of Adam to say he’s still in love with Eve 65
The final piece of the message laid out here for you to read
Layered with an understanding only I’ll be able to receive
Lyrical images only you will be able to perceive
Unable to truly comprehend what these words could possibly achieve
Another Rare Account of Words indeed. 70


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