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This is wrong.  We shouldn’t; we both know there’s absolutely no way this can end well.  Well aware circumstance is the reason for this trance.  Debating thoughts you already understand; guilt from desires to be another’s man.  What happens when man is dumb enough to come up with his own plan; unsure how we ended up here alone but together again… 

Coming closer to astutely study the face of the unattainable
A private secret of two, negotiated underneath the table,
Something built between just us, deeper than any label;
When even a single act is worth a lifetime of trouble.
The tradeoff for a mere opportunity at the incredible,
Nights of passion which inspire the unforgettable,
Such strong natural chemistry, it nullifies regret;
Imprisoned by steel images of those bare hips,
Frozen in time over the feel of both sets of lips.
What in spite of already tasting, you still miss,
Staring within my accomplice to discern our mission plan.
A thin line between a good and bad decision.
Prepared to deal with either side of the coin, in a life lesson,
Why in this here and now; she is the reason,
At dawn I’ll stand trial for treason; 15
For my part in a pursuit of shared sensual freedom.
A consummation, neither can testify to what’s been done;
As we’re only able to relive this, when we’re together again,
Simple facts which profess, this was evermore destined;
Moments which conjure, our urges never end. 20
A pair of warriors, who utilize passion as our weapon,
The real answer to inquiries, how could this happen?
How it’s possible, both of us could be so happy;
Opportunity, ineptly at the expense of others sadly,
Why there’ll be no protest, if it’s imperative they leave; 25
Levels of betrayal, rather hard to initially to believe,
The type that makes one ask, how could anyone be so naive?
Incite on how lust is parallel to greed,
As regardless; still, this is all we dream of, when we sleep,
When each new act takes an intimate turn past deep; 30
Overcome with anxiety till the next time we secretly meet.
Voices which ponder internally what all of this could mean?
When are greatest mistakes are conveniently foreseen,
A script played out by actors who aren’t acting on this TV screen,
An addiction that doesn’t only appear to be a need like caffeine. 35
Sentiment that’ve destroyed and still transformed us into fiends,
Caused an uproar that’s not good for the current regime.
The reason being a scumbag, has never required a specific gene,
On the stair way to heaven, yet strangely still deceived,
By wants and desires, only hormones perceive. 40
When a moan takes on an impression the mind is unable to conceive,
Stuck in a maze based on all we’ve shared and seen.
Prisoners to sensuality, who fear more the day they’re freed;
As doing wrong for us is more than just a choice, it’s a need.
A feeling only satisfied as I now lay here watching you breath; 45
Hot nights, cooled by the comfort of a lovers breeze,
Physical education that leaves two appeased,
Begging for more destruction with such ill-advised ease;
How today, the hearts mind came to be so under siege,
A level of such intoxicating seduction, it warrants its own prestige. 50


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