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Arise so you can ingest this poetic medicine
Getting up and making up our shared bed of sin
Finding we’re desperately in need of instruction
Yet still ignoring the subsequent lesson
Words from the lords adopted son 5
The other one, admired and followed by none
Probably the truest thing I’ve ever wrote
Supplying not only the reader, but the writer hope
Words to hold on to when it’s the soul that on fire
Standing before the world, naked and bare 10
As without another, there is no reason to care
Lacking a need to breath in air;
Not if my baby isn’t there,
Not if she isn’t near.
Expressing how we’ve become each other’s world 15
Transcribing why she’ll always be my favorite girl
An angel with a heart as precious as any pearl
Who I look to when it seems things, won’t get better
Alleviating the frustration of failing for this same pattern
Struggling to grasp the concept of this mental phantom 20
Breaking down internally when the journey is far from done
Stressed as if I’m a criminal on the run
Aware I’m a step away from leaving dreams in ruin
Faced with a battle of depression again
A test that I can’t afford to fail 25
Worried not of ending up in an eternal hell
Conscious more of the fact, I may never escape this jail cell
Losing the ability to tell when another’s affection is real
Heavy hearted sentiments that require a certain level of skill
Addicted to pain killing medication, found in this pill 30


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