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Deep Breaths

It always starts with this same deep breath
As if this’ll be the last one before death
Written with prior knowledge there’s not much left
Freedom from testimonials waiting to be alleviated from this chest
Playing one final game of everyday chess 5
When any given decision here could pass as a guess
Appreciative of that which protects those who are blessed
At peace as all that’s required is now to rest
Partaking in this unique spiritual feast
The only feasible cure for this eternal disease 10
A virus that no medicine can find or see
Surrounded by others yet still lost at sea
Unable to communicate with self honestly
Why more than a few body parts are happy to leave
Walking with a heart tiered of living on this sleeve 15
Eyes fatigued of justifying these words others read
Brain cells that would poison any future seed
Explaining to keep it to self when yearning to believe
As it’s the rest who’ll then expect you to lead
Remembered in histories book if next, you bleed 20
For only then will your knowledge be what others receive
Imagery deeper than anything you could possibly conceive
Painting a picture devised to deceive
Loads of laundry; filthy from dirty deeds
Poetry, the snake feeding these apples to Eve
Playing this final game of chess 26
Freedom from words which’ve waited to get off this chest
Written to say there very few of these left
The very last of these dark tales of death.
Funny enough; it always seems to starts with a deep breath. 30


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