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DDT – Dumbed Down Thoughts

Be forewarned; for from this trip, there is no return
Why as I write, each and every past good deeds is being burned
The lesson plan the “Hell Bound” especially struggle to learn,
Why it’s so comical others make an attempt to exhibit concern,
As I’m steadily awaiting the reaper to proclaim, it’s my turn. 5
Returning to hell proud to be blessed enough to enter,
Here due to a fact I was always meant for better,
Heartfelt words hidden in a sweethearts, love letter.
Choosing instead, to live by the mandate of a bastard,
In search of only how to make life, harder, 10
Sitting here, as even now, I drown in water.
Why the love and admiration of other incites genuine laughter.
Those unaware of these sadistic thoughts calling the Devil master.
Asking, what they’d like to order as if I’m the waiter?
Wondering at times, would things be so different if I was any braver? 15
An idea steadily taking us through these onion like layers,
Uncovering where it’s best to hide internal prayers,
Providing those who remain close, reasons to stop and stare,
Expressing truth, even the pastor finds rare.
Facts of life as vital as breathing air, 20
Why in spit all disappointment, I still secretly strive to find the strength to care,
Even when it ends up, just me and faith standing here.
Holding hands as we alone, face the greatest of these fears,
Walking this earth to only give and share,
Words those in my heart were always meant to one day hear. 25
Visions others find blurry, that appear here clear.
Ideas which sound as sweet, as a lovers moan to your ear.
What’s impossible for another to understand, what it took to get here.
A time and space where no one could fare the same,
Why it was destined, I drive alone on this lane, 30
Where honestly, there isn’t too much to actually gain.
A one way ticket, which flies a passenger to the isle of the insane,
Living where it’s the man in the mirror to blame,
Spoiled from a perception, all of this is a game,
Where each and every act is an un-removable stain. 35
Obstacles that require more than a yes, we can.
A style of evil recognizable by the brand,
Thoughts most will struggle to fully understand,
Maybe why its best to start dumbing these lines down.
Amusing a crowd like a clown with their audience. 40


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