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Embrace what most would perceive as a soul on fire.
Explaining to all, how joy only equates to more pain,
Written here should any deem these the words of a liar;
Frozen emotions that fall on these pages like freezing rain,
Attempting to sell off a soul, with no real perspective buyers. 5
Preparing to approach the Devil with an even lower price again,
Walking a path set to an unsecured high wire,
Understanding why no one dares to claim the title, best friend.
Facts best realized when we’re physically and emotionally tired;
Filled with so much sorrow, these images actually make sense 10
Lacking self-pity when another leaves us both alone and hurt
Moments that just tomorrow, are seen in the past tense
Grasping how any who lack faith, deserve this,
A movie full of dram; harshly critiqued due to a lack of suspense.
Habits of a creature, the unfamiliar are sure to observe 15
Studying to apprehend how one copes with a life sentence
Striving to remain calm when it’s the world which gets on your nerves
Why when it comes to a perception of life, there is no question of, for or against
Bringing to light why this life of seclusion, is what we prefer.
As no one is ever expected to stand in our defense; 20
No one has to fret over out battles with a hundred degree fever,
Tired of the lie, the love of a good woman makes a difference.
Cryptic ideals of a modern day non-believer,
Operating heavy machinery thoughts, lacking the appropriate license
Expecting this misery to live past the day everyday life is over 25
Why these words were shared with no thoughts of repentance
My definition of unfiltered truth; truth no bolder than this.
What it looks like when you choose to take a stance,
Highlighting how we hold these keys to their significance;
Inscribed here before the very next line, gets even colder 30


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