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Here lay facts, realized just the other day;
Among-st family and friend, yet still so far away
Dealing with a conscious, tempted too steadily stray,
Possibilities of another, sitting here where my baby stays,
Excuses that would leave her heart, with a stain 5
Attempting to erase this sensual importance, from my brain;
This which keeps me from gradually going insane
Perpetuating a lie; any woman has the skills, to love me the same
Even when they lack this touch, which eases all pain
Lacking these natural skills; even if they were trained 10
Requesting I forget someone, who is more than just a name
Acting as if she’s a player, substituted out of the game
Implying it’s easy to find a heart as special as hers, again
Fulfilling the role of lover but also, a true friend
As if just any face will do when this troubled life ends. 15
Deceit claiming, just anyone’s heart, could fit in these hands;
That just any woman could inspire me, to be a man
How any special lady, can play this part in God’s plan
Blessed with an ability to look within to understand
Born with knowledge needed to pass this exam 20
Compassion necessary to dance to a lover’s rhythm
The drive to work together, to fulfill our mission
Why without her, it feels like I’ve been sentenced to prison
Standing by you as the only change here, is the seasons
Passion so exotic, it almost feels forbidden 25
An Angel walking this earth for just me; straight from heaven
She who’s actually teaching me these lessons;
How love is to be honored, as we would any blessing.
The fairytale which begins the night of our wedding
But started from first, within. 29


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