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White Rose

Have you ever frozen time for a white rose or flower?
Humbled into submission by its power,
A moment lost in time due its texture?
Reminded how love can be neither, no worse or better,
An appreciation for the path buried within these words,
Illustrating how I learned to reference a white rose as a verb; 6

A verb for the exact moment in time,
We grasp our own definitions of a crime.
Pressing down, applying pressure to the gas,
Never focused enough to ensure, a sure thing last,
Gardeners who lack the skills to tend to the back yard;
A colorful bed of flowers, each standing out from afar. 12

Imagery of what could possibly out tempt, temptation,
Beauty strong enough to erase fears of rejection,
Scares built off experiences from the past,
Dreams created long ago, that never lasted long.
Generic fables of pain and heartache
Why these very trails* lead many to grow tired of all this.
Illustrating how change is possible with the mere tick of a clock,
Snap shots of yesteryear’s, seen clearly after we’ve pressed stop. 20

Parts of the cycle, all must go through,
Disappointment which paves the way to how we grew up.
Mud that’s long been removed from the face,
What happens when we rely on the shelter of another’s space.*
A distinct set of four walls, disguised as a home,
Encasing warmth you’ll enough soon long for, over the phone. 26

Medication prescribed for fears, of ending up alone,
Pills meant to alleviate, till all agony felt, is gone.
The exact purpose to struggles, blessed upon us,
Horror stories devised to leave us instantaneously upset
Numb to the point, all appears unclear from this spot
When another ‘special’ bond is crossed out 32

Tales of love and sorrow from our own personal discovery,
Wars to secure an angels heart through simply, chivalry
Acts which provoke ideals of how things should be.
A persistent message buried deep within late night prayers.
Whispers in the ripples of time, lost like smoke in the air
Mere words now, written to survive the time
What hides secrets, only a companion will find. 39

Reborn from a white rose as it slowly dies
Fallen petals which leave imprints for those who endlessly try
Forgetful shame of how anything that’s alive, loses a pulse
Ignorance shown towards opportunities already lost,
Faulty directions utilize with these maps to the path
An incorrect solution to complex equations of romance and math. 45

Failed results which instill already known facts,
How a pursuit of union, is a lifelong pact,
But its the pain, that’s the most vital part of the process.
Sentiments which molds all into their best
A persistent reminder how strong we must always be 50

Regret felt from only that which has been seen.
Times as precious as every last petal on a white rose.
As precious as every smile and cute nose.
Real sentiments found within the arms of another,
A bond separate from that of a parent, friend, sister, or brother 55

A form that’s almost at times feels eternal
Commitment which stands beyond a funeral
Two who’ve essentially been searching for each other, since birth
The very reasons why they today, still walk this earth.
A rose with the strength to never die, to forever carry on.
Surviving and striving, especially when all alone 61

Evidence of what lies in between the hearts of two
As nothing created, has the power to tear this apart
Even if the road which lead us to each other, changes.
The belief, no matter what, this will always remain the same.
Evolved today into a question, only time can answer,
Facts of you and me, derived from the core.
Proudly claiming to now and forever, love her;
As a far off admirer, an old friend or just past lover
A good man with his own perspective to a white rose. 70


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