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Act I: Unrealistic

Change is best grasped within the depths of the darker side
Taking us where it’s warranted to classify poetry as a piece of art
Something to assist whenever truth and reality are ripped apart
Rewinding his story to its blissful start
Where both characters played there scripted parts. 5
Blown away by the charm and fire in his eyes, that set him apart;
A perfect smile and appreciation for the modern arts,
Why at first, it was so easy to ignore where it hurts
Instances that left blood stains all over your shirts
Subconscious asking you, what’s your actual worth? 10
As nothing you try ever works
Whether sexually or the soul food, your broken soul cooks.
Neither can erase the horrors seen from a single demonic look
No longer wondering, what happens if he loses control
Worries about more being broken than just a tooth 15
Thoughts maybe, of how this life came to your truth
Bound by compassion which resonates from these roots
Still clinging to a mirage, all is perfect and cute
Preoccupied with another bombardment of new shoes
All the more naïve, as each blow seems far between and very few 20
Blind to what silence plus violence, ultimately equals to
Stuck living in fear without a single clue
Fearful even of all it is, others claim you’ll lose
Afraid to this day; of actually having to choose,
An early grave or the sultry sounds of the blues 25
The false hope of never again being so misused.
The exact opposite of you today, so frail and confused,
A woman who’s been left battered and abused. 28
Alive but dead, inside all emotions subdued
Total stranger to the girl in the mirror who only wanted to succeed 30
Personal questions and answers that no one else see’s
Around family and friends but still lost at sea
All unaware how the night before, she was left to bleed
Persistently asking herself now, how could you be so naïve 34
To truly believe, this was something to once classify as a need 35
When all you proudly desired was to carry his unborn seed
Belief, every new promise of change was new reason to believe
Standing before the world, prisoner in a free world
Ashamed of what became of her mother’s baby girl
Tears felt most as her body gradually heals 40
Magician with makeup; as every facial bruise is concealed
Conditioned to accept the way it’ll be till she finally killed
Victim to what an alternate universe of “the notebook” reveals
A true survivor who daily gives genuine thanks for her meal
Tormented persistently in a way others are unable to feel 45
Sentiments of the slave picking cotton in the fields 46
Accustomed to abuse in way that requires skill 47
The opposite of individuals who jump off mountains for the thrill 48
Standing nude in snow, cause it feels warm in the chill
Going through trails in life that make it almost seem unrealistic 50


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