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The Merge

Be mindful how easy it is to read this and end up lost
Taking a hit, instantly addicted to the taste of this power
Shopping with no mind paid towards cost
Supplying answers found on the other side of a step ladder
Sharing truth, so to be imprisoned helpless on a cross 5
The price one must pay to ever make things feel better
A personal stain which’ll remain even after the wash
Distracting from the objective of being the world’s ultimate lover
Performing acts others can’t wait to sit and watch
Simple thoughts valued by others like pieces of treasure 10
Appreciating how this is so genuine, yet still mean and harsh
Discovering how the purest feelings, inspire pleasure
Pioneers who focus more on the mission when things get hard
As to do anything less would be to go against nature
Struggling with this notion, anything done here could go too far 15
Ideals testifying why it’s a blessing to pamper to nurture
Rediscovering what really matters most to the heart
Instantly letting go of so much, it feels like a new form of torture
What happens when you bring the light to the dark
Walking across the edge with no thoughts of concern 20
How we humans were meant to create natural art
An empty handed notion for those who haven’t already learned
Ignorant over the chance to return to the stars
A form of connection, that’s not felt, but earned
The feel of human flesh appearing as soft as a scarf 25
Propelling these very senses high above the earth
So honest and pure, it’ll catch you at first, off guard.
Before you know it, you’ll next be immersed
Stopping on a dime when it hits; the feel of walking with God
Moments when two souls become one; The Merge 30


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