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The Grading Scale of Life

Sit back and appreciate who this was written for
The woman earning a living from her knees as a whore
Doing whatever’s needed to walk proudly through any door
Living with a cold exterior due to her feet pressed against a cold floor
Afraid only when the frail, show despair for what’s in store 5
Never once, willing to understand the purpose of her war
A female lion who’s never been able to let out her own primal roar
Expressing unique thoughts like there a Picasso painting classified as rare
Alive and well, in spite, if society genuinely cares or not
As in this world, the rest prefer to stand and stare 10
Why its easiest to walk away, as she lays lifeless here
When it becomes inconsequential if life, just isn’t fair
Finding her essence behind words, fully clothed; yet now nude and bare
What she utilized as a source of unfiltered air
Evidence that she was the only, fully awake and aware 15
Proof only confirmed, when death was near
Introspection which dictates the tone her testimonial will forever wear
Frozen in ink, by way of abused emotions, from past years
The reasoning behind endless nights of empty tears
Hooking on an avenue, giving into her mountain of fears 20
Kids accustomed to having their dreams pierced
Recognizing these very reasons, there can never be world peace
Observant of this destructive cycles which only repeats its self.
Explaining loud and clear why it feels pointless, asking others for help;
Not with the love from another or with one’s own health 25
As its this strength that defines our truest form of wealth
Living life at the bottom of well;
Free from the worry of ending up in either heaven or hell
Instead smiling, alone in a puddle of blood in spite of having fell
Those well-adjusted to these words, ‘you’ve failed’ 30
Here using what God gave us, to steadily make bail
A class above any average grading scale in life. 32


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