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Act III: Terror

So then, welcome to the apex of our short, tragic love story
Poetry that causes you to go back and re-read
To grasp an ending that shouldn’t be hard for any to believe
Asking yourself, again and again; why didn’t she just leave
Walking across the edge, with a card hidden beneath her sleeve 5
Wondering how any would react to acts of physical deceit
Thoughts which second guess every last breath we breathe
Images more evil than anything we could ever conceive
Poisoned fruit which grown from an abusive seed
The unimaginable when she first fell for that dimple 10
A perception, nothing could be deeper than what we feel
Unaware how this is the same passion, that could drive one to kill
An act that destroys all that was destined to be built
Unsure anymore, what’s fake and what’s real
What required talent, and what demanded skill 15
The truth buried deep within a hallow marital seal
Learning way too late; a ring never heals all
The first thing thought off, as she contemplates making that call
Reminded of every time a fist left her only able to crawl
Images preserved here on her mental wall 20
A graphic reminder of every warning she was ever told,
How no man has a right to treat her so cold
Wondering as a poet, what happens to the battered as they grow old
As she steadily contemplates, how to pay him back for what she owes
Choices from which, she’ll never be able to return from this road 25
When her joyful spirit is left to be sold off
As death is all she desires to now see
A dance, very few are brave enough to follow the leader.
Pain and anguish based off the reflection in the mirror,
A most debilitating form of terror

Thy Devils Dance


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