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Someone Special: One and Only”

We meet people every day; all from different walks of life,
Those who are and aren’t able to live up to the hype.
Companions who strictly classify as our type,
Reminded of a time when you just knew someone special you liked.
The one you long to hold through a winter’s night,
She to be the princess or he to be the white knight. 6

The person capable of changing your whole life
Repairing the exact spot your heart was cut with a knife.
Bringing warmth to a feelings, overcome by ice,
Product of a seduction to the pleasures of lustful eyes,
Mislead to believe that for this, it’d be justified to even die;
Lies which reveal an angels as it starts to cry. 12

Missing out on a chance at something, that’s classified as a crime,
Losing what others would wait for forever in a line.
What’s to be cherished and celebrated with a simple glass of wine,
Feelings which help support this merit, all will one day be fine.
Blindly walking, unable to read any more of these signs,
Lead only by aspirations of this, that’s meant to be mine. 18

An opportunity running through the mind of not just any,
What you’re sure to abuse, if in deed not ready,
Willing to show the affection required as burdens get heavy,
Connected in a way; it drives all that’s evil, crazy,
What we’ll surely retain, when even dead and buried.
Lights for the parts of the movie, that are both dark and scary. 24

Working through every last struggle we face but also share,
Such an unbelievable story, it’s mistaken for a lie,
Satisfaction that encompasses the meaning of wrong or right
Sentiments attached to every last letter I write here
Pieces of us; the couple, that to this day I forever hold dear,
Someone special, seen crystal clear first within… 30


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