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Scar Tissue

This is written in respects to a shameful mentality,
Scripture for any who feel my place is still hanging from a tree
The preacher who preaches, without justice; there still can be peace
Sentiments for the soldiers who in death, found peace
Soul’s that joyous acts of hate, left deceased 5
A subculture unable to diagnose the cause of this dreadful disease
Truth that’s still ignored till the day we’re again deceived
As change, is the one thing some’ll never believe in,
Mere tricks devised to take advantage of the naive.
The distrust and deception a conscious subconscious perceives; 10
Forever stuck in the past to re-live horrors already seen,
Weak disguised as strong, those who thrive off the horrific and obscene
Mental sabotage which still plays out on the TV screen
Words most have to look up, to grasp what they mean.
In need of audio to re-live the sounds of a slaves scream 15
Why things are always more dire than they may seem
A constant crisis classified today as sensitive, racially.
Compelled personally, to react and respond radically
In search of freedom from the chains that advise all too biblically forgive;
Men who once believed, picking cotton was the apex of our skill. 20
Contempt perceived as what only a racist could reveal
Issues that actually grow in complexity as we peal back the onion
Private thoughts for all that’s been done
Issues that can’t ever be absolved by any reverend
The realization, the ‘real’ struggle knows no end 25
Painful words that’ve become society best friend
Addicted to the hurt and remorse like a drug fiend
The reason so many act like yesterday was just a bad dream
Real life horror stories most fear to even read about
What you can always believe in, even when in doubt 30
Why everyone’s in a constant recovery from a rough night out
An acceptance every last one of us, live in a glass house
Acceptance that pure hate doesn’t just reside in the south
Words which reverberate off a mirror focused on our mouths
The reminder we’re all drawn to hate, like moths to a flame 35
Filled with wonder whether it’s the good or evil that makes us the same
Facts of life that force us all to revel in shame
As we can all grasp how we’re truly the ones to blame
Poisonous thoughts that scar every piece of tissue in the human brain
An explanation why we all continue to fail to act in a world filled with pain 40



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