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Riches of the Heart

I’m probably off here and there in my analysis
However even mistakes can’t stop this flawlessness
Studying our interactions to compose this
An appreciation for more than your hips and lips
Pieces of who you are, I assume most miss 5
Character traits hidden within the mist
The only way another would break their promise
A proclamation that you’re worth any risk
Losing sight of a sincere smile which should convince,
Any to audition for the role of your prince charming 10
For within you, lies the universal blueprint,
Personality which can make a profound difference. 12
What real men could never regard as a pretense
An ability to alleviate stress with a sentence
Women enough to captivate a room with your mere presence 15
Mere observation built from the past tense
Unsure still how things get, when you’re the one who’s tense
Only sure, there’s an army prepared to come too your defense
Those better suited to write up a reference letter,
Family and friends who’ve shared past sorrows and pleasures 20
People who can proudly claim they’ve’ been there
Who share in these sentiments, to really care;
Who miss you even more, when you’re not here or there.
Originality that finds you a rare endangered species.
Why personally there’s a sense of pride when you’re pleased 25
All derived from a natural chemistry that comes with ease
As just shooting the breeze with you, fulfills a need
Confused how any idiot could choose to just leave
Losing sight of what inspires to again believe
To believe in that others regard as naïve 30
Wondering if it’s my own eyes that deceive me
Questions which revolve around each breath I breathe
Captivated by what apparently, no one else sees
Affection that’s kept men, months at sea
Gentlemen who grasp what that means 35
Facts of who you are, which classify you, my friend as a queen
One who deserves all she desires from her king
One who gets the amazing ways you think
Who wouldn’t miss a thing, to even blink
Riches of the heart; wealth greater than any bank account.


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