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Put on Display

Witness this God given talent put on display
Relief within these words providing us both aid
There for you when you’re in need of someone to embrace
Instruction for walking through life at a pace
Coming out a winner in spit ending up in last place 5
Scripture that’s meant to be written across one’s face
Recognizing the chef from the very first taste
Eating the whole meal, leaving nothing for waste
A prize possession locked away in your mental safe
A way to protect your day to day mind state 10
A calming perception when inspired to only hate
Provided answers for any test of fate
Using only thirty line to define my very faith
Uncovering real within that which is usually fake
Putting back the pieces of a broken dinner plate; 15
Impossible task, completed only when we totally concentrate.
Feelings; long ago disappeared, without a trace
Ideas, long remembered with their exact date
Pain predicated on how I today, use to react
Scares hidden beneath this unseen mask 20
Torment buried deep within stories from the past
An adults still bitter from feeling like a high school outcast
Resentment for never being the smartest one in class
Still wondering why first love was never meant to last
Pieces of memories that’ve long been thrown away in the trash 25
Reappearing now and then like a bad rash
Coming face to face with a thief uninterested in cash
The main culprit throwing stones at this house of glass
Tales conspired from the journey of a path
Displayed here to define my own purpose and need here! 30


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