Posted in Insight, LIFE, The Devil's Dance


Prepare for this rather tragic testimony
An exhibition, exhibiting some of the facts from this sad story
The verbally and physically abusive claiming there genuinely so sorry
The battered contemplating weather to dial 911 now, or in the morning
Fast asleep with nightmares of loved ones left to only mourn
Reviewing acts which should been able to forewarn
When ultimately, maybe others were off, too busy at work,
Too see the endless amounts of another’s hurt.
Still images like a blood stain on your favorite jacket and shirt.
Why it pains to evaluate, a lost loved one’s value or worth?
Raw emotions unimaginable to any poetic verse
Simple phrases written here, but only worse
Moments illustrating the gift from the curse;
For to escape from this fate, takes more than an acts of courage
Pieces of who we really are, buried beneath the surface
Those whose addiction to this is now a preference
Rejected to the feel, no one is coming to their defense,
That it’s too late to make a difference
Someone who’s already referred in the past tense;
So tread carefully through every last step, in thy Devils Dance.


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