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I know it’s not lyrically possible too share it all here,
But in case I’m unable to ever share how this feels;
These lines were illustrated to show what made us so real
Mixing sentiments for you, with a mountain of skill
Therapeutic release like these words are pills 5
Composing a pledge, just to see what it reveals,
Revelations; concealed behind my own metaphorical veil
What you find out, in the first mile, of a 20 K run
Unwilling at the finish line, to take back what’s been done 10
Why I’m always still here, during another Saturdays sunrise
Another exhibition of how all in this world, can still be alright
Two who provide each other, with a precise level of comfort
Revelations that come with little to no effort 15
Protecting all we have, within a passion built fort
Seconds of pleasure which explain what I’m still here for
Time traveling, between heaven and here on this cold floor
Using our first time, as the standard going forward
Taking you like a soldier who comes home from war 20
Sharing with you all that’s been felt; till there’s no more
Giving you all I have, till it’s not possible anymore
Till it’s a struggle for neither of us, to move
Creating love, like there’s still something left to prove;
Recycled revelations, with their own ability to prove.
Headlines recited as the lead of tomorrow’s news. 25
At work; putting full use to your whole body
As every new use, further develops our bond
An adventures account of how when missed; you’re never really gone
Looking out in space as if it’s you, in your favorite nightgown
A teacher explaining how to me, you’re really a noun 30
A person, place or thing which incites profound knowledge
The culprit who inspires leaps, from all ledges
Who was there, when an empire was built, from what we share
Who’s made herself worthy of this romantic prestige 34
Phrases which say even more, than what you just read
More honest than what any reader is able to perceive
An itch I was never enticed to see leave
The mindless follower to where ever, all of this could lead
More scared than anything, of seeing you ever leave 38
More than happy to be classified, still so dumb and naive
The person who hasn’t used; yet still knows, what they need 40
As it’s finally possible to just focus on being me
As even now; I’m even unable to explain what that means
Alive and well; still none the less, living out a dream
Like alone; we’re individuals, but together we’re our own team
Ideals suddenly deeper than even, these words seem 45
Careless enough to share all id even proclaim as, foreseen
What all along; made this so impossible, to just forfeit
What made this impossible to ever wanna forget
Something special which required another level of focus
To be receptive of an outer worldly knowledge
Tempted to give you my absolute all, with this very pledge. 50


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