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Escape with us to where sanity goes to be nevermore,
Where fears are associated with what’s in store for an encore
A matter of subject, that’s sure to strike a chord
When every breath of air, gives you reason to mourn
Struggling to grasp the good in a good morning 5
Medically cleared but still none the less, hurting
In danger from a heart that’s become a tad bit rusty
Oblivious, to any victim request for pity
Preoccupied with something the opposite of pretty
Eyes to the sky as a familiar face hangs motionless from a tree 10
Unsure of what from this moment, you may or may not need
Filled with wonder over which scripture we’re supposed to now read
Asking the pastor; explain what’s left us so weak
No longer diagnosing this as just a tough week
Acknowledging with each passing second, it gets harder to speak 15
What happens when everything is no longer tongue and cheek
Realizing these thoughts give off a feeling of something that’s cheap
The loving spouse who last night chose to cheat.
Faced with moving forward when all u know is defeat
Left with the feel of a chill, as you stand before the heat 20
All, a byproduct of the farmer who planted these tainted seed
Withering under the weight of falling behind the lead
Reminiscing over that which is no longer free
Destined with a reality that’s taken away a need to breathe
Words written with such sentiment; it’s best if u can’t read 25
The pregnant woman sitting there watching the father leave
Struggling to find genuine reasons to believe
Revealing its true; you’re really just that naive
Reflections laced with the stupidity associated with Eve
Raw emotions most struggle to even properly perceive 30


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