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Welcome to where tragedy never goes away,
Instructing here and now, how pain is here to stay,
Anguish that’ll dictate the action of today.
Filled with endless warning, to be afraid,
Avoid beliefs another will ever provide aid, 5
A notion more cryptic than anything else said.
Remorse that drives the sane, to lay awake in bed,
What’s taught best when all that’s pure, is left for dead,
Encouraging all the evil things, we ever did.
Heartache that attacks where the soul lives, 10
Repentance which all mankind, will never forgive,
Illustrating how good deeds build only faulty bridges.
Running out of viable lessons to share with the kids,
The masterpiece of why, this is the way the world is.
Planting seeds that help your heart to gradually freeze. 15
Packed and ready to move with a daily breeze,
An indictment on every use of the word, please.
Carelessly walking amongst the cloud, high off trees,
Drunk off power, prepped to put use to these keys,
False truth making our life pass with ease. 20
Jaded momentary joy like every day is New Year’s Eve,
Looking at every woman as if we’re there Adam to our Eve,
The only goal I’m compelled to achieve.
Forms of happiness seen an act of greed,
Joy which internally equates to a reason to grieve, 25
Inspiration for the absent minded to rewind and re-read.
Preaching that which mankind needs,
Forcing the weak and frail the crawl from their knees.
The motive behind this eternal source of power,
Understanding it’s this self-hatred, all call master. 30


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