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Travel through the hallow walls of the inside
A house of gloomy halls where lights are never too bright
Where every emotion, good or bad comes with its own price
Stuck looking in the mirror for a source of pride
Discussions with a source not focused on being perceived as kind 5
Just another voice counseling these simple thoughts of the mind
Accompanying when it’s most appropriate to steadily unwind
Suggesting we digest todays message with another glass of wine
Clues to finding all the answers for how and why
Utilizing each piece of truth found embedded in yesterday’s lie 10
Working hard to study the dreams and nightmares of everyday life
Awakening to images witnessed just last night
Messages which explain it must be Angels who walk by our sides
Sentiments teaching there is no fear in having to die
Witnessing true power as another uses an automobile to drive 15
Turning on the ignition as if it were an act of crime
Rolling down a road without an ability to read these signs
Lacking the intelligence to even grasp this cosmic science
Living where our faults are never referred in past tense
As the word sanity makes little to no sense 20
A notion only seen clearly with the help of magnifying lens
Facts of life known best by those who love to pretend
Never experiencing what it was meant to be a friend
Unaware of this feeling of having to ever make amends
Of having to answer for destinies demands 25
Teaching self how very few will ever understand
Struggling to distinguish the purpose behind the plan
Stopping to catch a glimpse of shared anguish on today’s new stand
Still too hurt to find the will to lend any helping hand
Damn near 30; coming to grips with what it is to just be a man 30


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