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Late Night Nightmares

Lately nightmares have me wondering if I’m good enough,
Asking if these feelings are rich enough to provide for us both?
Wondering if I’m worthy of true beauties affection and trust,
Praying those feelings for me remain if all we know is lost to dust?
Hopeful I’m more than capable to support as any real man does; 5
Providing that which I know ma babygirl must have.
Answering for those who failed her in the past,
Shamefully looking at an Angel as just another piece of ass.
Never appreciating Gods best work; a lady so full of grace and class.
The reason I question how could this love for me last, 10
Scared that even an Angel could throw my love away in the trash.
Probably why there’re a million questions I feel I need to ask,
Looking into this mirror to see if I’m up for this ordained task,
Am I sure, none of my actions will ever leave her in pain?
As it’s understood, a love like this may never be found again. 15
Someone who you cherish as a lover and a friend,
Who shares with you, feelings which appear as heaven sent,
Restoring logic needed to make a commitment like this; make sense.
No longer weary from a search for the real thing; from finding only nonsense,
Illustrating how and why I’ve missed her every day since. 20
Feeling like the prince who’s finally found his princess.
Parts of this process making it impossible she be forgotten and ignored,
Something unique and special that can’t be bought in a store,
Passion that can’t be recreated in-between the legs of a whore.
Bring forth a time of peace after years of internal war, 25
Why it’s my responsibility to forever give her my all,
Even if the weight of this fondness leads to my downfall.
Finding it’s these desires her that are causing me to crawl.
Banging a fist in frustration against this cement wall,
More Late Night Nightmares never to be mentioned… 30
in discussion or in a phone call.


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