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Act II: Hard to Stop

Interesting how promises gradually mean less and less in end
Insight to why we’re here in silence amongst family and friends
Stuck where now, the lines between fantasy and reality bends
Why honestly, even he was clueless as to when it’d happen again
The face of a man, no longer classified as sane 5
Victims to a ‘madness’ which steadily attacks the brain
Freedom from any empathy of pain
Believing this is almost some type of twisted game
Probably why each instant feels the same
Illustrating what happens when she’s solely to blame 10
Understood from young, these are the traits of a real man
What it actually means to provide for this woman
A coach who uses force to enforce the purpose our game plan.
Assured this love shared is so true; she’ll withstand,
What must be done when she lacks an ability to understand 15
Body language grasped with a glance
Signs of the coming storm, right before it actually happens
Horrific memories, seeded here by every blow these fist now plant
An instant response to anything that might resemble a stance
A common trade off if money helps insinuate romance 20
Unknowingly, witness to how shopping sprees leave her in a trance
How all is forgiven when holding two tickets to France
Mousetrap for an opponent who has no chance
Byproduct of this passion and aggression enhanced
Taking part in the sacred tradition of the devil’s dance 25
Where acts and thoughts come off as rash
A woman appreciated as much as last week’s trash
Quick to still believe this’ll be the last
Believing abuse is something that only happens in the past 29
Scars and bruises covered up with her mask of make up
The motive of every last slap; abusing more than just her trust
An exhibition of what love does to some
The face of pure evil deemed by all, as handsome
Sadistic with prey; lead to believe each instance is random
Taking sanity hostage, with no ransom note 35
Prisoner to a demon, we’re never to let get too close to our soul
Unsatisfied until it’s impossible to repair a hallowed heart
A collection of damaged goods, that’ll never be taken apart
Tearing a person down to the point it becomes an art form
Addicted to the grand power of control from the start 40
Engulfing her reason for existence like quick sand; stuck here for life
Filled with pride whenever she cries herself to sleep at night
High off the sight, of the fear of God in her eyes
The motive disguised behind choosing a victim for a bride.
Bringer of darkness on any day that starts out colorful and bright 45
Tough love that deep down, she starts to think is right for her
Establishing an unbreakable connection to fear
An illusion; reinforced with a slap that’d have her seeing stars
Blows both physical and mental which cause psychological harm
Abuse, harder to stop now, than ever before.


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