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Early Morning Dreams

Let me share with you, what I fell witnessed too last night
A glimpse into what a life together must be like;
Rolling over, placing my hand across your waist; bring you by my side,
Holding you close, asking myself how and why?
Watching you leave the bed, falling witness to curves causing me to die, 5
Believing all this good fortune must somehow be a lie.
Staring into your eyes through the bathroom mirror, wondering how is she all mine?
Waking up to the definition of beautiful, the definition of fine,
Fortunate enough to say an Angel is what I’ve been blessed to find.
Standing with you in the shower; soaping your body from behind, 10
Seconds of pleasure, bringing me joy every time.
Spinning you around for a kiss when your body language gives off this sign,
Sharing moments that almost feels divine.
Watching Gods best work as she dries off and starts to put on cloths,
Ready to roll with whichever way the day goes. 15
Little things causing this love for her to grow,
Praying she’s what will remain as I start to get old.
Thankful each morning for the treasure of a mate for this soul,
Why I utilize any second it feels right, to hold you tight.
Something simple but special, all real lovers do, 20
Little things like asking, do you want the last piece of food?
A love shared we never again have to prove,
Feelings understood with each sweet caress of your skin,
The reason even thinking of a life without you is a sin.
Walking out the door, instantly looking forward to only seeing you again, 25
Another chance to be with you, ma Angel sent from heaven,
She who plays the role of ma homie, lover and friend.
The last fact realized before the sweetest vision ends,
Pressing pause on these images of us on my mental TV screen,
Waking up to find these most precious moments, were only an… 30
Early Morning Dream


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