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Dual Mates

Marvel with us as we analyze together the depth of two souls
Filling in areas left voided with holes
Reconstructing mental images of a woman who persistently glows
Truth encased in steal image; where emotions never show
Zooming in into the eyes, to see all you need to know
How through triumph and failures, we still managed to grow 6

Support which stands beside us, weather life is fast or slow
Bound together till it just wasn’t possible, to never let go
Strength lacked, when reality told us yes but also no
Abandoning our mode of transportation due to a fuel gage on low
What ‘yesterday’s’, misplaced in a winter’s snow storm
The corpse that with time decomposes into bones 12

An empire, lost to time; built on the premise of us rubbing noses
Confessionals, shared towards the meaning of all of this;
Shared moments of undeniable bliss
Memories which encompass a greatest hits list
Lessons which assist one overcome their fears of a fist
Why when together, neither heart was ever at risk 18

Passion so strong, it could sting like a slit wrist
Phrases of affection, un-recitable by another’s lips
Emotions that made it seem like reality, has lost its grip
Afraid to this day, of laying a finger on those bare hips
The time tested magical spell of a heartfelt kiss
Perplexed still, how these puzzle pieces never fit 24

Roles destines to be re-casted when we’re ready, rather quickly
When it’d be easiest to forget, what’s impossible not to miss
Giving away the part of the heart, that’s no longer hers or his
Discovering a new territory with a suitable climate to live in
Priorities which make it irrelevant why you had to leave
Appreciative of a new found reason to again, believe 30

A new found reason to return to a dream state
Where we’re again, stronger than any other team
Better than ever before; undeniable to any who see
How through triumph and tragedy, this came to be
Uncovering sanctuary from time spent, lost at sea
Brokering a deal, both fate and the heart agree upon 36

Making a way through doubts, more dire than they seem
Forever unable to completely erase, all we’ve shared and seen
The occasional innocent thought, of what could have been
An intoxicating mixture of satisfaction, that was far from a sin
What never stopped trying to pull us back, long after leaving
Love lost, guiding the way to anew dual mate 42


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