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Dear Reaper Letter

It is naïve to ignore your very presence.
Showing up to the party, always with the same present
A fact of the journey, man is unable to un-invent
You who accompanies any and all, to hell and heaven
A stranger who knows nothing of who we may have been 5
Here to take what was joyously given
Details associated with how our stories began.
What man was never designed to understand,
Why human life, moves to a unique order and plan,
Establishing change and growth like a plant. 10
Erased tomorrow like a message written in the sand
Providing all living, with our final rites of passage
Always on time; never mistaken as passive
Leaving behind an impact that’s life changing and massive
Moments when even the safest driver, fatally crashes, 15
When your auntie with perfect health is reduced to ash,
Victims to a world, where loved ones end up lost.
The pain of an itch developing into a rash
Prisoners remorse; born from the past, present and future
Forever waiting for the anguish to pass 20
Signs our good friend has again, accomplished his task
Watching as we cling to what he throws away like trash
Parts of the cycle grasped without the need of a class
The gardener overseeing every mineral in soil and grass
Emotions, as flammable as a canister of oil 25
Taking breath; throwing it away in a ball of foil.
Words for those who lack respect, for royalty,
Performing an act that commands the upmost loyalty;
Coming back for every last one of us, eventually,
Accompanying, when it’s our time to leave! 30


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