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There’s always been a cost associated with this poetic duty
Observations which represent my own testimonial disease
Speaking through words for whoever needs a reason to believe
Promising the opposite what society foretells, we all need
Objectives disguised so we ignore our own tragic greed 5
Everyone blind to our greatest fortunate; the fortune to breathe
Naïve to facts; every form of life, eventually leaves
The card seen clearly within a cheaters sleeve
Remembered only slightly when family and friends grieve
Thoughts the feeble choose to not conceive 10
Sights from a perspective, very few can confess they also see
Facts of the story causing confusion very few, solve with ease
Outlining why most can’t comprehend how even life, isn’t free
Those unable to open the lock, even when supplied the key
Floating with no set course on an open sea 15
Unable to even acknowledge what’s meant to be
Who the devil deems child’s play, to deceive
Simple minded revelations, born from their own tainted seeds
Perfecting the role of a victim whose torment steadily increases
Lifelong prisoners to the agony of defeat 20
Emotions looked upon as any would a creed
Focused persistently on what they’ve yet to achieve
Unable to appreciate what it means to be pleased
Analyzing the puzzle of life with piece’s still missing
Incomplete as helping hands assist us all find peace of mind 25
Thawing metaphorical minds and hearts, long left out to freeze
Sentiments deeper than every last poem you’ll ever read
Utilizing these very thoughts and phrases in the search for the reason
Prophesized salvation found in the arms of the Lord’s only son
As if he’s the only who’s been persecuted, under this sun 30
As if he’s only one who struggled to grasp persistent joy and fun
Less of a man by modern day standards, due to a lack of funds
Internally compelled to negotiate with the creator for a refund
Giving back that which was given in an instance
Ever so absentminded of the steps to this time tested dance 35
Looking up high above as nothing more than a man
Member of a species too feeble to grasp the plan
So selfish, the only lesson grasped is self-destruction and pain
Why each conversation, honestly always sound the same
Close minded, quickly assessing who’s to blame here 40
Never dedicated enough to conquer every last form of fear
As without, the journey would be too weird;
Shared consciousness of how we’re all conditioned and wired
Possibly why then, the negative fulfills its own sleazy hidden desires
Torment more diabolical than the mind is even able conspire
Deceit so powerful, it’s torn down whole empires
Sucking out all forms of life like vampires
What’ll remains forever when all else vanishes
Man made destruction, that can only be banished for so long 50
Facts of who we are that’ll remain, long after we’re all gone
Tales of the future buried deep within a fiancées wedding gown
What’ll probably only be realize when she’s, no longer around
A person place or thing no longer around; defined today as a noun
Unchallenged knowledge provided by the most high and profound;
Used here, to combine art and this mind to form a compound
Self-belief; every last poem written here is just that far from common
Lyrics ingested subconsciously by the human conscious 58
Words conspired to leave every last reader convinced
Weaker if a single soul isn’t in the slightest, impressed 60
Mentally prepped, to deal with the stress of failure
Sentiments regarded internally as familiar
Still highly regarded by both family and friends
Why little is felt when the doubt of others happens again 64
Long discovered, within all torment lies a lesson to gain from
As every instant alive, good or bad is as useful as a single grain 66
Reshaping the very individual before you who remains
The plant which grew viral and strong from every drop of rain 68
The root of why in spite of difference; we’re still all the same
Players staring in the world renowned game of life 70
Characters with purpose, regardless if there star is dim or bright
Treasure hunters on a search for what’s seen without sight
When Angels undeniably watch over us, right by our sides
Instilling an unnatural sense of cosmic pride 74
Which pretty much amounts to the total cost of my poetic duty.


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