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A Missing Angel

Each day it’s a hassle being so far apart
Brought together and separated from the start
Left with only moments, using this anguish to fuel art
Images of your beauty which now act as the spark
Thoughts which eat at you like a great white shark 5
Pictures of your Angelic face which rest on top this heart
An endless list of desires that sit here in this mental shopping cart
Aspirations of a future that till now, existed solely in the dark
Alone and yet still with you on this park bench
Stuck in separate cities, yet, still it feels we’re separated by less than an inch 10
Day dreams no real man awakens from, with a simple pinch
An opportunity at happiness that all started with a wish
Rising each morning to this unique form of sacred bliss
Secrets of life found within the person you’re with
She who warrants all the risk 15
An Angel, even God must miss
Waiting daily to experience a sweetheart’s kiss
Feelings never spoken of, that weighs heavy on this chest
Learning to now value patience as just another test
Witness to how a life without you is the definition of detest 20
Realizing steadily what it truly means to invest
Ammunition that’d pierce any bullet proof vest
Affection of an Angel signifying you’ve been blessed
Breaking down why without her, you’re a mess
As without this lady, it’s not possible to say you’re at your best; 25
Far removed from he who leaves others impressed
Held hostage till we see each other next
Enduring off phone calls, caring messages sent through text
Lost without my Baby, she who must be heaven sent
Gods work, beauty only the Lord could invent 30


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