Posted in 2017, New Stuff

Redacted: Destructive Artwork

Unlike the past, these words stand now as their own crutch

Meant to be relied upon like a sports superstar in the clutch

Skill un-threatened by a leprechaun offering good luck,

Power like a four-wheel drive stuck in the mud

Inspiration from past failures, to stay up and study

Free men and women, prisoners all, to the purpose of love

Family and friend here to provide the often presumed, much needed a hug

By our sides till wars end; allies who never fret over what was said

Those just as thirsty for revenge; so thirsty it’s never enough

The unkempt appearance of a well-dressed man without any cuffs

Bitterness from knowing, destiny stops at the cusp of greatness

Crude actions and reactions meant to be gradually perceived

A direct synonym of what it means in modern day terms, to gain value

What it means to face answer-less questions all over again

When the concept of those very answers are reflections of past pain

An ability to transform concepts into works of art, works craft from paint

An ability to recreate anguish from a mere stain

An ability to plagiarize things, so they’re exactly the same

Malice actions, each one, done with little to no shame

As if to manipulate has become the newest sports game we all play

Those able to leave a room with nothing productive to say

Those able to see things for what they are and not just portrayed

Reserved to only react upon the first who’d willingly betray

Sunday preachers, known more for how they’ve stayed from the path

Witnesses dressed as pastors, witnesses to past sins reborn a new

Happy thoughts drowned out by the nightmares of unpaid dues

As if all this agonizing imagery is but a preview of what’s yet to come

Horrified by this notion, what happens when the deeds are done

When we’re left asking how could you be so dumb

Dumb like an aspiring boxer who knowing they can’t take a punch

Criminals unprepared to face any punishment

Unaware how such coward-ness diminish an act

Those whose detract meaning from scripture

Unable to witness art within destruction

Soldiers of war who just follow instructions

Consequences man will never be able to just redact.


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