Posted in 2017, New Stuff


            These words were developed as a response to years of questions raised regarding the merit of sharing so much.  An internal inquiry of these thoughts and this ability to translate them into words; a worry if it is still worth it to continue this thankless work.  Personal concern over needs which follow like a pack of fans, needs to be written and remembered for all time, not just for now…the story behind my reason to keep writing.

Now more than ever, this is needed,
The reasons to awake and blindly believe.
Faced with facts, born to be disagreed with, even if it makes us naive
Forms of common sense that ain’t so common,
Where everyone’s merely quick to reappraise whats already been done,
So much so, rare is the air where our forward thoughts can be forward enough
Too scared to even go far enough to redefine what we deem as trust
Answers never expected to speak up, no matter how much we push
Conformed to instead feel more for simple needs, needed to impress
Court jesters all of us, here to amuse kings and their empresses
Actions defined by history, acts used to define what however is any’s guess
Well aware, we’re more or less, less than concerned for the rest
Games of chance, more like games of chess
Both simple and complex differences, like how two deal with their stress
One who grows stronger as it gets harder while the other, just digresses
Finite details which separate and thus lead to this denigrated tone
Those who dare to proclaim they’ll be better off when it’s all said and done
Virgin to the concept of growth and how it encompasses the sum of all it parts
The challenge to never neglect a single heart and mind
A daily open challenge, made to cater and protect like an ark
Were painters are free to create what’s yet to be deemed a piece of art work
Poets so evolved, its no longer possible to translate thoughts with mere words
Veteran stage actors who only get so much from rehearsal,
Made to act without the faces of an audience, where the real drama occurs
Those drawn to these pieces of art; admiration and observation from a far
Men and women quick to latch to the next burning start
As if, its all the start of something new and different
Transformed from stranger to witness, just without the reason
Ready-made testimony, made to be reappraised to the masses with ease
Opposition to the truth, truth never to be record to memory
Genuine reasons to wake up and still continue blindly believing
Needed, more now than ever before.


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